Thursday, July 14, 2005

Boxer's Rebellion

Boxer's Rebellion

Mojo and the Factory

It's nice to see Mojo's wearing a hardhat. Safety isn't always his primary concern. I mean, look — he doesn't even have any fingers left! They must have all been torn off in gears and other machinery.

Putting this comic together reminded me of my factory-working experience. The summer before I graduated, I took a job packaging and testing some sort of battery-type product. At least I think that's what those things were. All I remember was that they were black and orange, and they carried an electrical current. Hey — maybe they were robot tigers!

It was the first job I ever had that discouraged interaction with humans, which was fantastic as long as I had music to listen to. Of course, after the first two weeks... I had nothing to listen to. And while that gave my detached brain plenty of time to think — performing the mechanical processes of assemble and test — there was no way I could jot down my fantastic ideas. So, I'd have to just store the ideas away in a corner of my brain until bathroom breaks, or lunch breaks; both of which happened far too infrequently to do me any good, seeing as I can only hold one thought in my head at a time.

I predict that someday I'll just be sitting around when all the ideas that piled up in my brain will suddenly topple over into my consciousness. Of course, they're probably all muddled together by now. It'll all just sound like pure rubbish pouring from my face, "An alarm clock — for eskimos and peat moss — p-p-Paaakaw... paKAAAAAWWWWWW!"

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oh, he's using the highly scientific "poking test" to ensure the boxes are fort material, eh...?


btw...why isn't Mojo using the official flag!?


Hah Hah...
Good observation, Anders... I guess he just had to make due... :D


HAHA!!! That's fantastic! I don't know how you do it, how can you give Mojo such a good and *completely* bored-what-the-f-do-i-care impression on just a few pixels.
PS: His boss must be a complete dork - knowing Mojo he should have known not to assign quality control to him. Serves him right. He should be fired and Mojo should stay and take his job.


You didn't happen to also make 12 bucks an hour that summer did you?


The cell where Mojo is doing the poking is really wonderful.

Biggest Apple

I rather enjoy the contemplative cell just before the poke.


kev, if you haven't noticed, all those ideas you speak of have already come sloshing out of your head and into the 12(?) sketchbooks you created in the past 2 years or so


I wonder what Mojo is really writing down on his clipboard. Is it the plans for his fort, or is he actually scribbling 'Jot Jot'?

Biggest Apple

Ah common..he's got to be writing down, "".

John Nick

Oh Mojo. You've got MANAGEMENT written all over you.

The last frame reminds me of mini-golf.

Kevin, will you please design and illustrate a Mojo-themed miniature golf course?

Thank you, John


Biggest Apple, you know Mojo all too well.


Thats a nice Fort !

cardboard boxes always remind me of the ending to se7en....

Mr. David

Now, I'm not sure how prone to throwing feces (or stuffing, I suppose, given the nature of the beast) Mojo is... but if that's something he's into, that monkey is in a prime location for such an activity.

Guess it's a good thing that supervisor's wearing a helmet.


Aksel - All Mojo's bosses tend to be REALLL suckers...

Rachael - Whoa... that gives me an idea for an erotic Mojo cartoon!

Sutter - Really? I'd think I'd have more battery-related ideas, then...

John Nick - Done. But now I need someone to wear the Mojo costume and wave to cars on the highway...

FYL - I'm sure none of those boxes contain anything but other boxes...

Mr. David - Oh - Mojo is WAY into throwing feces. He's got posters of all his favorite professional throwers.


Now all Mojo needs it a big tennis ball turret and we can get our American Gladiator on!

Mr. David

Now I'm intrigued!

So who does he prefer the Persian Plotz, or Duke Doogan?


This makes me feel a little better about my time at The Home Depot. As long as I know that I just might turn out okay, then I can breathe somewhat of a sigh of relief.

Plus it reminds me of one day at my last job where I thought it would be fun to drop the little styrofoam coffee cups in everyone's office, without saying a word, and then just leave and never come back.

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