Monday, July 11, 2005

The Glee Clubbing

The Glee Clubbing

Bully Humor

I've noticed that I often gravitate towards the "Bully" theme. I wasn't a frequently bullied kid, which might explain why I don't cry silently to myself while I draw cartoons on the subject. I can also assure you I wasn't a bully myself; all the swirlies I gave were administered to volunteers. Sort of like the glee club kids above. They knew what they were getting into when they joined choir. Those aren't even mandatory uniforms that they're wearing; they just all happened to dress the same that day.

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the first rule of glee club is you don't talk about glee club...


I like how the kid on the left seems to be the only one who is actually gleeful. Are the others just collateral damage leading up to the final act of senseless clubbery?

Joshua Lane

Shouldn't ANY one of the other kids be able to take the bully? I mean, he's what... HALF their size!

Oooh, maybe that's where all his anger comes from. Maybe he too, at one point, was bullied and is now taking it out on others.


I think bully was in the choir until his squished head handicapped his projection.

I love that he goes straight for the eye. STAB. If he was truely out for revenge against the angel-tongued club-members he'd go for the throat. And that annoying happy guy on the end.


the bully should stab himself in the eye, since he too dressed that way by accident...and I bet the happy kid is packing heat :)


Oh man, that bully is begging for a good punch on the nose. I want to get in there...


Jason - He's just the one kid who hasn't noticed what's going on yet..

Joshua - Hahah - yeah, he looks short.. but I picture him crouching down. The way this scene looks in my head, is that these kids are singing, and the bully pulls them down one-by-one, moving through the ranks...

I wish I had time to animate THIS one, too. I said as much for the last article...


Bullies are always tiny little shits. Anytime I was bullied it was by some kid who was a foot shorter than me. If only my dad had required me to hang around with boxers and sailors...


he seems like more of a gremlin than a bully although i suppose a gremlin would make a fantastic bully. "No, Stripe, not the atomic wedgie!"


I don't think the "kid" in the top left is oblivious to what is going on. In fact, I think he knows all about it and is just waiting for his turn. He's got some frankensteinian hunchback fat-neck thing going on, this kid is a monster, he has a very dark and secret past.

As soon as that bully starts to reach up to grab his collar and pull him down, that monster is going to casually rotate his head counter-clockwise, and chomp down on the bullies arm, severing it in one swift motion.

Also, is it just me or did that kid who got beat up in the far right top corner just age about 40 years after he got slugged in the eye.


Yeah, Kev. That looks a lot like Merrit after a hard day's drinkin'.


Well, a beating tends to swell the delicate capillaries about the face, and mimic natural aging processes... and um... that kid also... sucks at gym... so... more frequent beatings.

( excellent kevin... once again you've explained away your inconsistencies... hehehe...)


Looks like the bully doesn't intend to harm the front row, even if it would be very easy to just hit them hard on the head from behin without spending too much additional energy.

I even suspect the front row *paid and hired* the bully to teach it to the idiots in the back row once and forever. They just seem to look surprised.


I've got to hand it to you, the different looks on the kids' faces made me laugh out loud. Good job, Kevin.

Biggest Apple

Not only is the oblivious kid at the end hysterical, but I love the wording of the caption. Like there's some big mystery to how a bully could manage to get past chior security.


Aksel - I could see that... those kids in the first row are always jealous that back row kids can have erections and no one will notice.


Kent - Haha! Thanks Kent! I love scenes like this when you get a chance to create multiple reactions - it tells a better story.

Apple - Especially when the bully isn't even hiding his weapon... or maybe that DOES explain it?

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