Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Talk Show Host

The Talk Show Host

A Vintage Mojo

All in all, I probably have drawn approximately 200 Mojo cartoons. In the beginning, they were really, really roughly drawn (this one is just really roughly drawn). Over time I tightened the style up — partly because I just got better at it, and partly because I now draw them about 25% bigger than before (due to nagging editors).

This one is from Fall of 2003, Sketchbook 6. Sorry about the widowed panel; this was originally a two-to-a-row format. I suppose someday I'll have to go back and redraw this — which isn't as bad as it sounds. I do enjoy inking something without having to be writing it at the same time. At least it's not as tediously repetitive as animation. Although, if I were ever to do a Mojo animation, I could see this one translating pretty easily. There's only one set, very little movement... a place for my stock applause soundbite. Hmmmm....

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It would be a cool animation, Kevin, I really would love to see that. Good stuff. Especially the frame where Mojo gets a bit irritated already. (4). He says "eh." patiently followed with a more drastic approach but still keeps it simple to not alarm his viewers. Briljant.

The three-links-in-one is a good way of saving space but quite catchy. Luckily I prepared myself against the clever-hideables of Kevin Cornell: sockpuppeteer of the human mind.

John Nick

I love the Mojo "arm curse" in panel 5. I'm going to use that in traffic.


You let me know when you're willing to accept my grunt-work-doing offer on that animation, hear?


i'm trying to figure out who that celebrity guest should be. who would it be the most satisfying to see dismissed by an imperious sock monkey?


heh...Mojo mindgames...


"i'm trying to figure out who that celebrity guest should be. who would it be the most satisfying to see dismissed by an imperious sock monkey? "

Well the answer to that one is obvious... Tom Cruise of course. At first he would think it's a joke and keep his laughing-it-off actor persona up. Then, when he realizes Mojo ain't foolin, he gets all outraged and uppity. What a freak!

Biggest Apple

If Mojo ever needs a gopher - let me know.


If only there were talk show hosts like Mojo.. the world might be a better place


phew - at first i thought, mojo would perform a "hitler-gruss" in the first panel. good thing he doesnt!

i'd also like to volunteer for gruning-work (seriously.)

John Nick

You know what's great? That perfectly captured moment in panel 3 of the actor giving one last wave to the audience as he's lowering himself into the chair.


First off, I love the "hanging frame" at the end - a nice, unconventional frame structure. Helps with the timing. Good stuff.

Second - do you ever think you'll publish a Mojo book chock full of these comics? You could call it "Eh." If so, I'll take 3.


Yes, a Mojo book! I'll take 3, too.

Biggest Apple

Yeah, and then you could write a sequel, "Eh 2, this time it's personal".


Let me assure you all... I'm definitely working on a Mojo Collection. It's working it's way slowly through my queue of projects...

Biggest Apple

Mojo - slowly - queue? Three words I never thought I'd see together.


Sorry, unfortunately I only discovered your fantastic work about 12 months or so ago at what point did Mojo turn into a sock?


:D He was always a Sock Monkey... but for a while I'd just write "Monkey" because it was hard to fit Sock Monkey in the masthead...

Kevin Fitz

Heck no, that star doesn't get any special treatment. Mojo makes em feel special, then kicks em right out.. with an applause.. Now if only more talk shows can do this to their boring guests. When will mojo have a musical guest?


A musical guest would be funny! Mojo could "jam" with 'em!

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