Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mojo, Pick-Up Artist

Mojo, Pick-Up Artist

Barflies and Monkeys

You ladies have all probably experienced it — you're out at a bar, and someone catches your eye. They're cool... confident... striped. You walk over and let them buy you a drink. You talk about your job, and your favorite things... but what you really want to do is pick that monkey up and squeeze the stuffing out of him.

This sort of thing happens to Mojo all the time. Unfortunately, he's not too terribly discerning in his choice of "lady-friend". Sometimes he brings home a nice gal; but occasionally, he brings home some real trash. Two-thirds of the time he brings home the cardboard cut-out of the "Miller Girl".

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smooth operator! :D


He knows he'll get some. He just has to be patient...

John Nick

Some what? A refill? Ohhhh Mojo.


I bet that'd make a pretty delicious coffee commercial.


hahaha, the "sippp" part... lovely stuff.

John Whittet

I was a bit offended by the nudity. I thought this was a family-friendly website, but clearly I was wrong. This site can only be labeled as a "monkey-porn dungeon" promoting adulterous behavior, bestiality, and -- you sick man -- "squeezing the stuffing" out of a sock animal, whatever THAT means.

OK, OK. Just kidding. I liked it as much as everyone else. I spent several minutes engrossed in the minutiae of frame eight.

Jason Santa Maria

Wow, he's still holding his briefcase an hour later... looks like a work-a-holic to me.


I always pictured Mojo as more of a St. Paulie girl type... Maybe because the blonde braids somewhat resemble bananas...


This WOULD make an excellent coffee commercial.

I like the train of thought that gives us a sockmonkey at the bar drinking alone that gets picked up... etc. Heh.


Oh oh. NOW it comes to me! After I press the button.

What would happen next in the ad would be cut to a closeup of mojo enjoying the cuppa, and a tin of Mojo Brand Coffee(tm) in the bottom corner, with it's immortal and catchy slogan..


*fade to black*

Brilliant! I'll phone Saatchi & Saatchi okay?


No, FunnelBC, Wait! I got dibbs on this one.


don't let those admen get a hold of this--they'll end up trying to rename the brand to MoJoe! (tm) and replacing the sock monkey with a cartoon coffee bean...


man, i was soooo pissed when i came home and found that monkey with my wife. then i just kinda forgot about it and mojo and i got a beer.


He must have been tired of her "monkeying around."

Quite funny! Kudos!


John - Mojo is ALWAYS nude in these comics....

Rachael - He brought home the St. Paulie's girl cutout one night, but he said he couldn't understand Norwegian...

Funnel - Hahah! That WOULD be the catchy slogan. Although Monkey Brand Cigarettes™ already uses his likeness... hmmm...

Sutter - Yeah... he's so persuasive!


My sister lives with a couple called Jon and Margot. hmmm.


um... oh dear.... RUN MOJO!

Biggest Apple

When Mojo was in Kim's Lab was he sans tail? I can't recall ever seeing him with one. Perhaps this is the root cause of some of his difficulties.....


Hah hah - actually Mojo DOES have a tail... although sometimes it doesn't appear in comics. Which isn't to say I forget to draw it... it's because he leaves it at home.

Yeah... he DECIDES to not have it...

Biggest Apple

Wow - leaves his tail at home you say? Wonder what uncle Sigmund would have to say about that. Btw, I would like to take this opportunity to formally announce I have at last placed an order for my very first Sock Monkey with Kim. He'll be an expat like me :-)


Margot's husband never learns!
i love visitting here, and reading your mini articles. Just so you know you have great fans here in Brazil.
Cheers ^^

Brent O'Connor

Hmmm... Why is Mojo still there after an hour of the husband being home? Hmm... I must ponder. Must be some really good Coffee.


He's also watching TV.

Kev - never got any Mojo fan art?


Mojo fan art? If you let this idea run amuck you'll also have Mojo fanfiction like those anime thingys. *shudder*


Apple - Great! You'll love having a Sock Monkey. They're like a pet that's dead!

Naomi - Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the site. :)

Brent - Margot likes her coffee like she likes her monkeys; long-lasting.

Murten - Yeah - I'm not too crazy about fan art. If I'm inspiring someone to draw something, I'd rather they put the effort into something of their own.


Like a sockdonkey?


There you go! Or a Shoe Monkey.


"He brought home the St. Paulie's girl cutout one night, but he said he couldn't understand Norwegian..."

This is something that struck me last time i went to the US: being german these ads look incredibely silly, because she's dressed like a traditional southern girl, but St. Pauli is far up north and *no one* would dare dress up like that there. In fact they wouldn#T probably sell you anything in St. Pauli dressed up like that at all. It' like advertizing a New York Diner with an obviously real texan guy.

Just a small sniplet of useless geo-commercial information to explain why Mojo didn't get lucky talking to her with his rusty norwegian.


Haha - that's funny - I always thought St. Paulie's girl was based out of St. Paul, Minnesota... so I thought she was Norwegian. Although, if I had taken the time to do some research, I would have learned otherwise...

Thanks Aksel! That's a pretty good comparison! I like the useless geo-commercial information... keep it up :D


Cool, there is one in Minnesota? The original St. Pauli is a famous red-light and fashionable nightlife disctricing in Hamburg, Germany. The St. Pauli girl is wearing folkoristic bavarian cloths. Never mind, as long as the beer tastes great! (*giggle*)

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