Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Flag

The Flag

Another Ambidextrous Comic

I'm intrigued by the idea of creating my own flag. It would probably be Mojo on a horse. Or maybe my silhouette eating pizza. Whatever I decide, the flag should feature my motto — which is, fittingly, "I own a flag".

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Jason Santa Maria

Big Red.... droooooolllll....


Where's the musical cue, "wah-wha-whaaa" for the guys face in the last frame? Oh. Here: Wha-wha-whaaa.
I like the idea of Mojo on your flag, but I think he'd be doing more than sitting on a horse. Maybe he'd be swooping down on eagle's wings to attack a rattlesnake.


I think your flag should say, "Eat my shit" with you laughing in the corner.


Ian - I totally forgot about this. If I had a Mojo Flag, it would obviously be:

Mojo Flag

Kim - Yeah - I am known to support shit-eating...

Biggest Apple

Would burning your flag be illegal or would you let it slide?


indigenous people: "you can't claim this land...we live here!"

colonizer [archly]: "do you have a flag?"

looks like kevin's safe from conquistadors now


Apple - My flags will never burn! I will require the honor guard to spray them every hour with my hose.

Wayne - Good! I can FINALLY get rid of my smallpox!


Not related to the topic at hand, but here's a cartoon in your style:

The simple lines, the unexpected punch-line... it's all there!


Hah hah - Yeah - that's Perry Bible Fellowship. He (Nicholas Gurewitch) does some REALLY funny stuff!

Biggest Apple

spray them every hour with my hose....

That's just dirty.

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