Monday, June 20, 2005

Bacon and Sausage

Bacon and Sausage

An Ambidextrous Comic

Another page from the Baltimore Notebook. This one adequately reflects my own dilemma on the morning of May 28th. I still have regrets.

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you could do like breakfast for later! :D

Peter Costello

Your a tripper! Ive laughed out loud at the last two entries. And continuing on from one of your earlier posts, These little guys really are Very expressive. Nice!

John Nick

Brilliant, Kevin. Lady Baltimore must be your muse.

I love the way the mouths disappear when they're not speaking.


Super, smashing, Great!


dude! the comeback of the little-simplicity-and-expression-fellows! *celebrates*


Wait. He kept the bacon in his ASS and he expects them to exchange it? That's just foul. You spent too much time in Baltimore, man.


I think we might have new product on our hands. "bearskinrug signature butt bacon"...delicious!


I HAVE been looking to expand into digestable products... and people DO have a hard time resisting bacon...


wow...even if that was turkey bacon it wouldn't be kosher.


I wonder if Butt Bacon is as easy to eat as Back Bacon. Like, normally you eat about a pound, right?


It is people like this that mess with genetics and will most likely invent the sausagion or the bacoage, a cross between bacon and sausage that will solve the morning breakfast delima that has plagued man for years. It's the ham element that will ultimate bring a scientists dream for this new breakfast meat to it's knees and send said scientist home with his head hung low and a tear in his eye.


Maybe he just thinks you put your breakfast there all the time. And the sausage would naturally be far more comfortable than the scratchy rashers. Actually reading the cartoon from the start considering this makes the left guy look like the stoopid one. Duhhh, where else would I keep my breakfast meatů (dummy)
Keep up the great work, I always enjoy your stuff.


yay. i like the arm-waving action in this one, very energetic speedlines. a nice contrast to the otherwise quite static if mightily humorous dialogue.


i particularly enjoy how the phrase "breakfast meat" is used so freewheelingly, as though the speaker assumes that everyone is intimately familiar with the dilemma of bacon vs. sausage (or even ham/canadian bacon).


The term 'Canadian Bacon' is considered a cultural slur to our friends up north.
Imagine eating at a Kentucky Black Guy Chicken restaurant, if you will.


no offense meant to our good friends in canadia/north mexico/canuckistan. i personally don't eat breakfast meat of any kind, and was innocently repeating a term i think i once heard at denny's--though that establishment's history of racism should have been a clue...


No offense taken! Its all a learning experience..Here in Canada, we just call it bacon. Just like eating chinese food in China - it's just food. ( yeah, I heard that on 'Friends' - but it works here too!)


interestingly, if you look at the last few frames before reading the words it looks like the fella on the right has just smashed through the 'wall', So if you think that then the dialogue is far more abstract.



Hah hah! That IS what it looks like!

Hmm... I should switch the dialogue - another cartoon with half the work!


I've read this 4 times already and laughed each time; snorted twice. I'd better leave the page before you see me on the news, recovering from my laughing-induced hemorrhage.


Hahha! AWESOME! I've become dangerous and edgy!

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