Thursday, June 16, 2005

Donkey Wins

Donkey Wins

A successful pinning

I don't remember playing Pin The Tail on the Donkey as a child. Which leads me to believe I must have created the game myself. I don't remember that either, but anything's feasible when you're making your past up. For instance, this tiny, button-sized hole in my belly? That's where a baby alien erupted from my stomach!

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Jason Santa Maria

Slow day at the office, eh? :D


No! Err, uh...oh...I'm wasting my life...

*hangs head*


Ew, God! Is that an eel boring into the donkey's chest. Mon Dieu!


I saw a sheep like this at a fair once as a child. At the time it frightened me, but at 28 I can't get enough of the morbidly curious... I really like how you captured the 'NASCAR fan'- like look in the donkey's face- brilliance!

Brent O'Connor

Rachael, I didn't think about it until I read your comment, but that is exactly the look on the Donkey's face! Hilarious!

I really like this one. It's both funny and deep when you think about it. I mean the Donkey really is making a statement about what normal is because to him where he pinned the tail was normal.


Rachael - Hah! Awesome! Did the sheep have two tails? Or just a misplaced one?

Brent - There's always a deep message buried in poking fun at deformity! Or at least.. when I do it. (wipes sweating forehead).


I noticed that there is a nervous look on his face. That is sure one interesting growth!


I like donkeys. And squirrels. I'm trying to decide if it bothers me that he is pinning an appendage to his own species. (is a tail an appendage?) Sometimes you come across chickens in advertisements that are selling chicken burgers, and it seems a little off. Or maybe it is animal capitalism at it's finest.


Chickens selling chicken burgers? The only thing I've heard of are the ads for Chik-Fil-A that have the cow wearing the 'Eat Mor Chikin' sandwich board.


When I was younger (not saying how much) I wondered if biscuits were sentient would they want to be eaten, as that was the purpose they were created for, or would they prefer to survive until they were old and stale?


Kevin, The sheep actually had a 5th leg dangling limply from its chest area- I used a little poetic license when compairing. I believe at the time it made me feel a little nauseous.
This is a really excellent one- off!


what's the artsy scarf-like piece of cloth for, is the donkey really a smart-ASS?


Mearso - Biscuits don't think. Unless it's a radioactive biscuit...

Rachael - Thanks! I like this one too!

Anders - That's his blindfold! :)


all you have to do now is send it to the new yorker--their editors will read it as a political commentary and publish it in the next issue (drained of color, of course), and then you'll finally be legitimate, at least in one sense.


Oh, I'm already legitimate, Wayne - I get mail from big-name credit card companies and banks asking for MY business all the time!


It's impossible to look that Donkey in the eye and not smile.

Your Brother

Yes you have played pin the tail on the donkey. I think it was one of our birthdays I remember it rained and we lived in Michigan. That is all I recall


Hmm - so no idea if I won or not?


Doesn't sound like a very big eruption to me.


I have a HUGE belly button.

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