Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Mojo and the Typewriter

Mojo and the Typewriter

The Harsh Reality

He looks pretty successful in that last panel, but Mojo is going to have a lot of problems at this job. He's not as familiar with typing on a typewriter, having been originally trained on a computer. It's a given that the ink tape will be strewn across the desk within the next three minutes. Within a half hour, he'll be wrapped up in it like a mummy.

Regarding Typing

While I'm not as fast as Mojo, I'm a pretty good typist. According to this test, I can type 51 words per minute, with a 4% error percentage. Of course, I'm still really shaky using the Number Pad. I just never got the hang of it. Probably because I never worked in retail. People who whiz away at the Number Pad usually perfected it on a cash register. But on the other hand, I probably could punch in the correct combos for various Chik-Fil-A meals better than any of those department store snobs.

So how about you? Do you consider yourself an All-Star typist? Or do you type like a pirate with two hook hands? I'm just asking so I know who to pick when we play "Typewriter" during recess.

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37wpm, 4% error. Better than I thought. I'm also quite proficient with the numpad thanks to a youth filled with playing Scarab of Ra. Man, speaking of mummies - that was a totally awesome game.


63 WPM
4% eror, I mean erroor, error.


meh... 32/4, never was any good at typing what's on the screen... hey IAN, you too, eh? :P guess there aren't many pieces of educational typing software out there :)

John Nick

Hmm. I'm 51/2. Maybe for once in my life I won't get picked last on the playground.

The viking was distracting. I was busy coveting his plentiful facial hair.


71/1. I attribute my success to Mario Teaches Typing, not because it was especially good at teaching anything, but because I have an insatiable urge for Koopa-stomping.


37/2. Stand back fellas!
I only got this good on the 'board' because of the sheer volume of fanmail I sent to Jar Jar Binks.


One milllllllion WPM...




Yeah - but what's your error percentage, Slowconfusion? :D


51/2. looks like john nick and i are long-lost typing twins.


Pfff, I only got 54/3, that's lame... I hoped this test would proof my geekness. Oh well, bummer.

Thomas B. Aschim

26 WPM, 3%

Worked in retail for a year, now I am ruling that keypad!


67 wpm with 9% error. If it wasn't for that stupid single spacing, I'd have pwned.


At 42 words per minute with 2 fingers & 2 thumbs, I may not type as fast but my error rate is a very impressive 1%. But then, I have a tiny computer, with a tiny keyboard, explaining tiny errors… Can we throw rocks at Jason in the playground, please, pretty please?

Jeff Louella

37 / 2. See his test is fake. I can type as fast as a lightning bolt, if I could only look at the keyboard the whole time. Plus this test doesn't take into consideration that I can't read.


Yarr, I did the Viking one and got 61/2. I make a fair (1) ammount of errors when I type(2), but I've been at it long enough that I(3,4) automatically(5) go back and correct them. I can actually do that `don't(6) look at the monitor or keyboard whilst typing' thing(7). Taken quite a few years to get to(8) this point, but it's almost second nature(9) now. I'm(10) pretty decent on the numpad(11), too... just yesterday, I banged out about 300 3-digit numbers on a adding machine, with(12) no more than about 10-15 errors(13), despite the fact that they were being fired at me with an average of about(14) four seconds between sets.

PS: The parenthesised numbers count the errors I made whilst typing this... the ratio is a lot higher, because the test discounts corrections.

Justin Michael


I type strangely. I taught myself to type long before I ever attended a class on typing, so when people see me type they gasp and stare in abject horror as I don't use the home-row or anything even close to established typing practices. I don't even use my pinkies when I type. The first two fingers on each hand are responsible for letters and the space bar, and the third fingers for shift, punctuation, backspace, enter, etc.


I definitely learned to type in chatrooms on AOL in the early and mid-90's. What a loser.


My god... I change my evaluation. It seems I'm not a "pretty good" typist, but an "okay" typist...

SHEESH! Could I WRITE this comment any SLOWER!?


I totally suck at typing. I fully admit. I'm not even going to do that test. the viking is somehow intimidating me. brrr


You think he's intimidating on the screen. Imagine having him as your cellmate.


Stop being a baby, Ian. They confiscated his horns, didn't they?


I'm sure I could type a lot faster if I weren't trying to replicate some trivia about Vikings, and instead typing my super-organized thoughts.


Awww crap. 61. For both. I think I broke it...


92 / 82% Yeah!


Matt & Hilmerr - You know, in it's own strange way, that's pretty impressive scoring too.


Im a fast typer, i can type up to 1000 words a min.


I don't know if that qualifies as fast anymore... Slowconfusion types at "One milllllllion WPM". Or so he claims.


51 wpm 1% error.
I actually was trained on a type writer. I'm not that old...my school was just too cheap for computers.
Best of luck to Mojo.


Well... behold the wave of the future, Mike!


54/2...Koopa Stomping became quite addicting, yes it did...but i always played as the princess.


Way to go, Jonathan! 74/o!

59/0 here, but I managed to do it while fending off my 17 month old, so I rule!


Fending him off? But you had 10 extra fingers at your disposal then! :D

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