Friday, June 10, 2005

The Monkeydome

The Monkeydome

More Sketchbook Spelunking

I'm not sure what the Monkeydome is. I think it may be a museum. You know... you go inside, and you climb up into the giant head and understand the workings of the monkey mind. Learn the history of monkey tools — from sticks that poke, to sticks that hit! Then, at the very top, you look out from the eyes of the giant monkey head, and see the world as a monkey does — a world where everyone laughs at your expense, and your job market is limited to space exploration or medical pin cushion.

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This should definitely be the new Capitol Building. It WAS Earth that turned into the Planet of the Apes...


Hah Hah! You're totally right, Rachael! :)


Both noble professions, to be sure.


i'm pretty sure that's an ape, not a monkey. though to your speciesist mind i'll bet they all look the same, don't they, speciesist?


My secret prejudice! Don't tell the lions I call them tigers!


finally; somewhere to display monkey wrenches! :)


Hey, is the man in red Charlton Heston? Look out Monkeydome!


Ahhh Memories...
I saw Bachman Turner Overdrive rock the Monkeydome back in '86.

Peter Costello

You should wisit Australia. We have Giant everything. Giant Pineapple, banana, prawn, rockinghorse, orange, even a giant earthworm. There is definatly room in there for Giant monkey. If you build something big people will come, for a little while, then when it falls into disrepair you can become a scooby doo type villan and be the "Phantom of the Monkeydome" untill of course your plans are foiled by those meddling kids.


I like this line of thinking... can I wear a cape?

Peter Costello

Definately! I've got a spare you can borrow if needs be.


And how about the Giant Security Guard?


I pictured it differently. Nice try though.


Hah - where's that from Ian?


as this is my first ever submission, im not going to lie to you... im a bit nervous. i want to make a good impression. cus from what i hear the first ones are pretty important. ok, so here goes...
Who is the red guy? is he evil? is he a republican? is that who monkey dome is looking at and why it looks so sad, cus it senses its impending doom? or did you just run out of black ink?


I did a search. I figured monkey dome was such an awesome idea that someone HAD to have come up with it before. Apparently they did. Like 200 years ago. Right on time.


sprout - The red guy is red because... well, it's a sketchbook. And sometimes things just happen that way :). Also, before I cropped this image, there was some red text on the right that the red guy helped balance out.

Ian - Well, at least we've figured out that the Monkeydome is a House of Worship.


I feel obligated to point out as australian that, peter costello in infact the tresurer of the liberal party (the party the currently has government here)

at any rate, I do like the idea of the phantom of the monkey dome and I look forward to the repeats on telly for the forseeable future.

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