Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stabby McKnife

Stabby McKnife

Danger meets Fashion head-on

Internet-based clothiers Threadless.com are currently selling a "Stabby McKnife" t-shirt design, a joint submission by myself and Springfish's Tom Lehmann.

The cartoon itself is based on Bearskinrug One-Offs number 116. Tom did a fantastic job of translating the pencil cartoon to vector art, and then went through the process of getting it submitted, while I sat back like a lazy bum.

So — if you need to send a chest-based message, or if you like the idea of supporting me, feel free to zoop on over to Threadless and get yourself a fancy new shirt. Then... they will fear you.

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I love stabby! But way back in the one-off days. Does this mean Threadless are making money from your T's?


What a crap first submission. Blank canvas and everything. Too much pressure. I should have just shut up.


agreed...awesome product. if only i didn't spend all of my money on crack cocaine, i would have some left over to spend on your t-shirt.


I 'd like a double 113 on an xxl without sauce please.


Okay! I'm going over there now!


I don't know about everyone else, but I'm scared of the guy with the knife in that picture. I think it's his eye brows? I'm checking my closet twice tonight.

Mr. David

*dusts hands*
Bought and bought. Excellent shirt, now people will know my opinions on what to do with knives.


Stabby's eager stance indicates he's a reliable sort but the bags under his eyes make me think he needs a rest. Poor Stabby, so much to do, so little time.


Mr. David - hah hah :)

SlowConfusion - Stabbin' people takes a lot out of ya. He's a tired little knife!


Who's the dude about to get stabbed? Is it Tom?


The two gentlemen are unknown to me. I assume they're "threadless" models...


I love all the outraged people on Threadless who are appalled by this shirt. I mean really, promoting violence to the youth Kevin... for shame!


Yeah - that was an unexpected result... I had no idea I was such a bad influence on youth! I might have to stop production on the 'Heroin Adventure Kit'.


Kev, you have got to read this:

(it's not meant as a tip or something, just a good read.)


Very very funny shirt.


Murten - Thanks, Murten - that was some helpful stuff. I edited your comment a bit so that the link string didn't stretch so long...

Rachael - :)


Yeah, I picked up the Heroin Adventure Kit last week thinking it was the Heroine Adventure Kit. I was under the impression that I'd be rescuing damsels from the tracks. Talk about tracks! I have to inject into my eyes as there is nowhere else to stick my skag. Thanks Kev.


Hey! The rusty spoon is missing from my Heroin Adventure Kit.

I want a refund.
(mutter mutter)


Ian & Fyl - Good one gents... way to run with it! :D

Patrick Haney

Best. T-shirt. Ever. I'll be sure to buy one just as soon as the bully from school gives me back my lunch money.

Your Brother

Stabby me make laugh


I'm glad you liked him!


Bought it and love it!

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