Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mojo the Wing King

Mojo the Wing King

These things have me buffaloed

There are those who can safely consume 20-30 wings in one sitting. There are those who cannot. I happen to fall in the latter category. My most phenomenal gorging was 14 wings, although 12 is a safer number for me to aim for. Not that this embarrasses me — I think it would be worse for me to eat 65 wings, because then I'd have to explain to Kim why I paid $30.00 to rupture my internal organs.

So tell me the most wings you've ever eaten. I want hard numbers here, people. Feel free to tell me where you had them, and if they were delicious as sin. Who knows? You might just inspire me to grab for a 15 count...

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If only I could present charts on a wet nap.. it would fulfill my every fantasy


I'm sure any client would appreciate a chart that informs and sanitizes...


Here in Brazil we do not have any place for eating wings. That`s a great bussines opportunite. I would try to eat more than 12.


if only I could eat 72 wings in one sitting...I actually have yet to eat ONE...


So it's blue downstairs and red upstairs, kinda a reversal of the traditional heaven/hell colours, what with Mojo's mortality hanging in the balance.
Deep, man. Woooah,


Anders - Never had one? Any particular reason why?

FYL - Yes... yes... Very astute observation... (wipe forehead)... whew!


I've eaten 12. Or maybe 11. I think Jes helped herself to one. This was at Hooters in Fort Meyers Beach, FL on our honeymoon. They were fucking awful. I didn't want to be a dick and get the too-hot-to-eat ones so I asked for mild and I'm given plain, deepfried chicken wings. I could taste french fries and battered cod, yet not nearly enough to make them enjoyable.


BSR - They don't sell them in Sweden :(


A dozen is standard. I've never really considered overdoing the wings.

I like how everyone knows who Mr. Mojo is.


I've actually probably eaten somewhere in the high teens. I was never sure what the big deal was with wings... are they so great?

Jeff Louella

IAN, Hooters wings are terrible. Philly is the home of Wing Bowl, so I get into it at the end of January. I think the most I downed was 25. You don't get as hot of a body as me only eating 14 Kev.

Nickel FIsh

The best wings i've ever eaten were from an establishment called Cluck U. I'm pretty sure they are just a notheast college phenomenon as I've only seen them from Balitimore through Rutgers (New Brunswick) to the Morristown, NJ area and it's gaggle of nearby unversities. My Cluck U is the latter and serves the best wings I've ever had.

5 years after my college days, I can eat between 12-16 wings. Pretty standard really. However, during my college years, things were different. You see, Cluck U had the brilliant tactical move to extend their delivery hours to 3am on the weekends. Once again, servicing 3 universities in a 10 mile radius, you can imagine the volume of business they produced being the only food delivery service open past midnight.

The human body has been known to do amazing things after consuming a bath-tub of keystone light: pick up cars - run-down locamotives - eat 3 dozen wings. Now, I'm not claiming to have down any of these things, but through the cloudy veil of alcohol soaked memories, I can swear that I came pretty damn close to all three.

All that being said, I recommend Cluck U to anyone with the means to travel. You won't be disappointed, but avoid the novetly flavors such as fire-eater, and thermo-nuclear. Let's be realistic, your not-impressing anybody with your ability to consume lava, nor is your mouth lined with asbestos. Just get the traditional or atomic and fall in line with the rest of society.



I'll back him up. Cluck U does have tasty chicken. In faaact...
[bolted out door]


Duff's, Buffalo, NY.

Best wings I've ever tasted - and I've looked far and wide for comprable wings since college. I once had Suicide Wings there with a guy whose lips turned white. I'm not really sure what that means.

Anchor Bar, Buffalo, NY.

The "inventor" of the Buffalo Wing, is supposed to have an excellent selection as well. Kinda goes with the territory though.

Buffalonians either go to Duff's or they go to Anchor Bar. I haven't met anyone without a stance on this.

There's a small dive bar in Syracuse, NY called Erin's that has excellent wings - closest I've found to Duff's.

I feel confident that I've eaten over 20 wings in one sitting. I've never really pushed for a number. It's mostly just me discretely trying to get my fill without looking like the-guy-who-eats-all-of-the-wings-just-look-at-him-how rude.

They never order enough.


I, for one, have never consumed a single wing. I'm very particular when it comes to eating meat; I won't touch anything within a decent distance of either fat or bone. Thus, the concept of eating wings flies (ha!) directly in the face of my self-imposed eating rules.


Are we talking about the drum stick part + the wing part = 1 complete wing?


Gildedrain- Were his lips so white that it hurt to look at them? Cuz that's some hot-ass shit.


The french suck at making fries! Everyone needs to know it: Belgians invented the fries and they rock at making it, too. I claim that NO-ONE can make better fries than belgian people!

Now for chicken wings: the market place of Sint-Katelijne-Waver: BEST wings ever!

I ate 31 of them but I must admit they are rather small.

I wouldn't claim anything about wings but I sure claim that belgians make the best fries! Belgian fries hooray!!


As I go back through here and tally things up, it seems that Justin (Nickelfish) claims the biggest amount — 36. Murten has second, with 31; although he seems more enthused about fries. And Jeff Louella comes in third with 25 (I thought you could eat more than that, Jeff!)

Looks like Mojo beat all of you...


I'm sorry I can't claim this amazing feat of carnivorousness for myself, though I have a friend who onced downed 117 in one sitting. Sounds unbelievable, I know, though he's also been known to take out 36 eggs at a time.


DEAR GOD!! 117? That's 29 chickens....

Mr. David

Although, in all honesty, it doesn't look like Mojo could ever beat this chick. He's a full 95 short of her highest record! Although I imagine that their appearance after reaching such breathtaking levels of achievement must be quite similar.


Man! Mojo weighs MORE than her, too!

Where the HELL could all that food go?


We had an all you can eat night (Midnight Munchies) during finals at the college I went to. They served wings, french fires and ice cream. It was free if you had a meal plan. I went with two friends (big guys 260lbs+) and we ate more than 160 but stopped counting. I can claim at least 50. It was pretty disgusting. The wings weren't even that good.


I eat everything in big amounts, but my wing record is only 17. maybe I should work on that.


Tom - I doubt I could stomach ice cream after wings... the two just don't mix for me... but 50 - that's impressive.

Tony - If this post has taught me anything, Tony - it's that the only way to gain respect is to gorge yourself.


Me, I've never had a wing. I can't stand the though of eating food off the bone it grew on. Freaks me out somethin' awful.

Small folks can eat more because their stomachs have room to expand accordian-style (there's no un-stretchy fatty tissue to get in the way). I'm a very very thin dude. I bet I could eat like, a thousand or two.

John Whittet

I've hit up 12 at Buffalo's. Pretty good, and I had room for dessert.


Was it Buffalo Wing Pie? Because you could count those wings also...


People will not learn, eh... french fries... Jesus...

if everyone would just try belgian fries people would know better...

Iasked my brother and he ate 32, not a record here... bummer.


I never knew there was so much to be learned about chicken wings. Thanks guys. You guys are real wing connoisseurs.

I don't know how much chicken wings I can eat. But I would like to try. If I had to guess I think I could eat about 30-40.

Is Mr. Mojo a monkey?


Mojo is a Sock Monkey - he's got all of the behaviors and needs of a regular monkey, but needs to be lint-brushed regularly...


You must be insane.

Come down please.


What size chicken wings are we talking about? They seem to vary in size from one place to the next.
However, with chicken one thing is always consistent: that little weird thing of cartilage fused to the bone near the top of each chicken leg. Actually, any piece of chicken is certain to avail some sort of non-meat, non-bone surprise.
And that is why chicken wings are so DYNAMIC.

Biggest Apple

The most would be 5, I'm sure I could ingest far more but after 5 I'm sufficiently disgusted with the whole process and give up.


Mike - The surprise that comes with most chicken wings is revealed during the digestive process...

Biggest - I can understand where you're coming from. I usually avoid eating the non-drumstick wings, because they require sloppier methods.

Matt Vito

The most wings I ever ate in one sitting was 30. It was at a most enchanting and mystical eatery called Hooters. We ordered a 50 peice wing order and I was asked to use my powers to rid the plate of its wings. I did my best.


Did the enchanting and mystical nymphs who work at Hooters reward your effort with exhibitionism?

Robin Rowell

BW3 is a chain in the US. Had an eating contest with friend and had 12 wings. Doesn't seem so incredible save the fact that they were the hottest sauce they have, and believe me...its incredibly hot. It never hurt so bad to use the restroom.


30. And I, as well as the rest of the Fellowship of the Wing, salute Mojo.


Heheh - 'Fellowship of the Wing'... heheh

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