Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spaceman Rex

Spaceman Rex

Mystery Planets need Mystery Logic.

There are two problems with this space program: Not enough training, and not enough cowardice. Sure, Spaceman Rex is a hero; but to get that "hero" medal, he'll have to dig it out of the rubble and award it to himself. If he cried a little before he got out of the rocket, he'd have a bit more perspective on his situation. I always try to do a little constructive whimpering before I meet strangers. I rarely — if ever — use my Death Ray.

In Rex's defense - if we DID land on another planet, I'm sure the inhabitants would be pretty mad about it. It's kind of like "breaking and entering" on a planet. Consequently, we'd probably have to blow things up right away, just to be safe. The only other option would be to just kind of hover outside the planet, ramming into their moons — moons being the doorknockers of space. By the time they come out to the moon to greet you, your ship is a wreck. Bad form.

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great take on the Planet of the Apes, Kev! :)

John Nick

You know, Mars has a NICE SET OF KNOCKERS in Phobos and Deimos.

I mean, you can't get better than a pair of moons with names that translate as 'terror' and 'panic.'


Wow. You really nailed the 30 year old comic book look. I'd be interested to hear how you achieved that au total.
Maybe it's all that smoking-in-a-government-building business.

Rob Weychert

I think my favorite part of this is the guy on the right in the second frame. He’s so stern, like, “Those fucking aliens…”


What's most impressive about this comic, besides the use of "shirt-sleeves," is the fact that you colored it with your own blood. (See the right side of the final frame.) Now that's dedication.


Yeah, he's hardcore, man.

I dunno, though... left-hand dude could probably use a bigger moustache (and a fro!). :)

I really didn't expect the last frame, though.


Oh, there he is in the background peeking over the rock! Neat.

JCRogers / Buddy13

Nice. Comic and commentary. Pure funny.

Best part is I could imagine that actually happening.


Omg. I never saw the dude behind the rock. You guys must all have binoculars screwed to your faces. Freaks.


I love you Keviiiiin...! *Nary runs around like a rabid fan* You crack me up -- thanks for the laffs. Just so you know, I picked your site as an example of a great site for my paper on good website vs bad website and if we go over the sites in class, my fellow students will get a load of you. When are you coming to L.A. so I can buy you dinner?


JR - Oh - that's not blood. That's urine.

JCRogers / Buddy13 - What do you mean imagine? This is why you don't hear much about space launches anymore... :)

Nary - Be careful what you ask for! I'm willing to go to great lengths for a free dinner now that I'm self-employed!


i was waiting for the cardboard background to fall down (i.e. the tower). yet i am not dissatisfied with what really happened. p.s. has anyone sent you the olde english link? if not i am quite baffled.
(edit - i have no clue how to hyperlink words as it is not option when they are right-clicked. if i did, then the phrase 'olde english' above would totally be linked to www.oldeenglish.org)


zeik = urine in dutch.


Zeik: also means nagging in dutch :)


Wow - how many of my visitors are from the Netherlands?


Everytime I visit this site I get a smile and a bit of inspiration. You do such great work!

I love the fine detail of him peering over the rock in the last frame - that totally sets this off for me.


Thanks Funnel :)

Yeah - I didn't plan on the details being so big - but it worked out for the best!


Belgium here, zeik is slang though, the real word is "pis" or "pipi" wich both means "piss"

We also use the word "urine" like you guys.. But the dutchies (the netherlands) talk waaay different than us belgians.


I'll send a bunch of Nederlanders over from our Photoshop forum... we have too many there!


i never knew i offended so many. oh well now i can put meaning where there was none before. :)


In the first time , i read this comic and confuse what the authors want to explain but i try to deeply consider in each paragraph so i qutie clearly understood what the author try to say


Murten - So what are the languages spoken in Belgium?

Zeik - I'm not offended, Zeik. I'm pro-urine.

Poppy - I'm sorry for any confusions, Poppy - but you understand the comic now, right?


Belgium has 3 languages: french, german and dutch.
But flemisch (belgian dutch) sounds different then dutch from the netherlands.


Ahhhh - Interesting!





( p.s. you never answered my question )


Jessie - Hah hah, Jessie :)

Zeik - Oh - sorry - What is the question?


In The Netherlands we always make jokes about 'belgen', in the dutch culture a 'belg' is quite a dumb person. Almost like a blonde. So blonde + belgian = pretty bad.

So are the guys in the control tower blonde belgians? and what about rex?


A friend of mine re-told a joke he heard from a Frenchman. He used a French accent wich will be replicated on the web by strong.

How can you tell zee Belgian at an orgy?
I don't know. How?
He ees the one fahcking hees wife! Hahahah!
I always get a kick out of telling that. Probably because I have no clue why it's funny. 


"Probably because I have no clue why it's funny. "

Me neither, but that must be because i'm blonde and belgian.
Oh, and not to forget: i'm a girl.

*forgot why she even was here in the first place*


Next frame: Man on left turns around with sturn look on face, shouts "oh my god it's an alien attacking us".. right as the lazer beam comes flying at the tower.. blaze of glory, the hero celebrates.


Hah hah - Frame after that - A newspaper with the headline "Nasa Destroyed: Terrorists Suspected."

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