Monday, April 18, 2005

Canceled Flight

Canceled Flight

Kill The Pigeons

As some of you may (or may not) remember, I had a desktop available for downloading on the old site called "Kill The Pigeons". The illustration was done for a book by author Avitrol Jones, and soon after I finished the illustration, I put it in the "probably not going to happen" pile.

Well — it turns out I was wrong. "Canceled Flight" has been recently published, featuring 101 different ways to kill pigeons. Numerous artists contributed to the book, including my own personal gotta-sees such as Jon Burgerman and John Copeland.

I really enjoyed the book, on a humor level, and I also have to say some of this art is just gorgeous - I'm quite proud to be included with this bunch. So check it out; especially if you are in need of a few flying pest-removal solutions...


The Art from Canceled Flight will be on display at these galleries if you're located nearby and are interested in seeing some of this work up close (or purchasing it):

New York City
The Reed Space Gallery
151 Orchard St. (btw Rivington/Stanton), L.E.S.
Tuesday, May 3rd, 8-11pm, and the show runs through May 24th
San Francisco
Receiver Gallery
1314 8th Ave. and Irving
Saturday, June 4th, 7-10pm, and the show runs through July 2nd
Los Angeles
The Lab 101 Gallery
8530 B. Washington Blvd., Culver City
Saturday, July 16th, 6-9pm, and the show runs through July 24th (possibly July 31).
Andenken Gallery
2110 Market Street
Friday, August 5th, 7-11pm, and the show runs through August 27th.

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My memory is worse than a goldfish's, where can I see the desktop now? :(


Heheh - Don't worry, Anders - I plan to put it up once I get a chance :)


congrats, Kevin!


WOW! Not that I ever expect to see something unterrific from you, but...WOW!
The subject matter reminds me of that old Tom Lehrer song.

Biggest Apple

Made me think of the very same song Ian :)


congrats, Kevin! This is great! Is this a book aimed at children or adults?


Thanks Rachael! I'd say adults. But I'd like to think children might get their hands on this too, so they can ALSO be offended by the content. :)


"Mommy, is that birdy sleeping?" XD


"Yes dear... they're... all sleeping..." *gulp*


This is exactly the kind of thing that my mother would have read to me- along with the edgar allan poe and victorian horror classics....
birds DO sleep in pools of ketchup, right?


Awesome work you've made there, mr Cornell!


it looks even better on a nice big full page spread. it looks like real good printing too.


Congrats kevin! This book has gotten great reviews so far. Your stuff is right on par with all the other amazing artist. I am quite jealous, but whats new. Great job!


I'm still waiting for my copy in the mail. :D Are pigeons funnier than sock monkeys? We shall see.


thanks again for your great contribution to the book, kevin. and thanks for giving it props here. i can't wait to work on another project with you! anyone in the ny area can can check out the pigeon show at the reed space gallery (151 orchard) starting may 3 and running through the 24.


Right! That reminds me - I forgot to post the showings! I'll add them now...

M.E. Kuhr

bravo! wish some of those showings where around Detroit or Chicago...but oh well.


Kevin, this is amazing. Congrats! It looks beautiful. Are you coming out to the Gallery Showing in New York? I want to go see it. Good Job kevy bear!


Thanks Kelly Hands! I don't know if I'm going out there yet or not... I guess it's time for me to start thinking about it!


If you do come out, you better call me and let me know punkass!! ;)

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