Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Zebra Egg

The Zebra Egg

A Matt Sutter/Kevin Cornell Joint Venture

As is known to happen, I was recently drawing. And as it turns out, Matt Sutter of Inkfinger was drawing also — at the same table as me. So, a decision was made to unite our drawing efforts, an act which yielded the above comic, and another comic over in Inkfinger Town.

While these endeavors occur with relative frequency, I'd have to admit that these seem to be the most successful attempts to date. The secret? Well — on my end — I immediately tried to screw Sutter, and abolish any semblance of reality in the introductory panel. What I unwittingly learned, is that Matt seems to flourish in this environment. Need more proof? Well, I think this comic sums things up pretty well. But if you need more supporting evidence, here's another.

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whose facial expressions are those in the last panel. So telling?


i just wanna say that that's one fine looking zebra...


funny how kevin did half this comic ( as with the one on inkfinger) but its SO very Sutter!


I love drawing this way! It requires a different kind of thinking in terms of creating a drawing - more design-like, because you're simplifying and flattening things.

It's like learning a different language...


By the way, RJ - the last frame is Mr. Sutter....


I was hoping to see a cute little zebra chick, before Kev apparently worked up an appetite towards the end...


You boys are weird... funny, but weird.


Clever... :) And the expression is perfect!


Zebras lay eggs? I want some!


Yeah - Sutter nailed that Zebra's anger/reluctance.


Coffee cup arms are the pinnacle of something awesome.


What makes a coffee cup arm, Danny?

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