Monday, April 04, 2005

Karl and Time

Karl and Time

On the upside...

Almost any pair of gloves he buys will fit from now on. That goes for oven mitts too. Although, he can theoretically handle hot cookware without suffering burns.

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nifty things to scratch himself with...

Jason Santa Maria

You should draw the rim shot into these sketches.


Ba dadaddadadadadadadaad.......






I think the rim-shot in this case goes something like-a-this: Oh... Crap....

Jeff Louella

Karl is going to have some problems wiping.


This is what happens when you spell your name with a 'K' instead of a 'C'

John Nick

Luvly as always.

Hey Kevin, "Karl and Time" is an anagram for "Tamale Drink."

Would you draw that for your loyal audience?

There's also "Drama Tinkle" but I'd rather not see that.


Drama Tinkle... that's intriguing...

Okay - Here's the plot - A nursery of babies just entering potty-training are shocked to find... (kevin trails off, mumbling and wringing hands).

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