Monday, March 07, 2005

Monkeys and Zoos

Monkeys and Zoos

Sock Monkey Behavioral Observations

You have to be REALLY careful letting a sock monkey into the zoo. They're kind of like little kids. They get really excited and next thing you know they've wandered off, looking to get back to their wild roots.

Occasionally they'll come back with cotton candy, though. That's not so bad. I also like those "funnel" cakes.

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Jason Santa Maria

I think it's disturbing that Mojo's roots include sticking his head in a giraffe's mouth. Maybe it was part of a circus act.


Well - his ancestors weren't really circus monkeys. They were probably some sort of giraffe food.

Rob Weychert

This is absurd. Giraffes don't eat meat. Do your research, Kevin. Sheesh.

Danny Martin

Obviously these are sock monkey's origins as giraffe flem.


Why did you censor the giraffe handler's frustrated cursing?


Hehe - good one JR...

Unless you weren't joking, in which case that's just his phone bleeping. You know... those phones that bleep like walkie-talkies?

I've failed to communicate...


i really like how chill the guy is as if finding a monkey inside the mouth of a girafe is standard procedure at the zoo's

Swedish Zoo Employee

It's a very standard procedure. It happens all the time here in our Nordic environment, sock monkeys are nowadays close to extinct here.


I would think that mojo would somehow be humping the giraffe...rather than being eaten by it. he has a bit of a reputation...but maybe he only humps tissue boxes?
nice one.


Coincidentally, Mr. Beaskin, every time I hear one of those walkie-talkie phones beeping, I feel like cursing like a frustrated giraffe handler.


and secondly, your daughters are gonna be bangin big golfer dudes no matter what you do. sorry!


Ha I just found the World Beard Championships site a couple weeks ago, and now it's on here. This site truly rocks. Keep up the good work.

Jack Smithee

Angry giraffes re: Lost television show, anyone?


Thanks Paul - that's a classic link...

Jack - Angry Giraffes? I'm not sure if it's been made - but I assume Fox has it in the works.


what irresponsible zoo official would house the monkeys and the giraffes together?


Maybe Mojo thought it would be aesthetically pleasing to be caught between a giraffe's teeth...


Thoothpick Mojo...why is my name in capitals ?i wrote it in small letters...


Ah! Every name is in capitals - for I have applied a STYLE!


Thats why this site is called 'professional webspace'


uhhh pro... aha. And i was going to blame it on my internet browser

John Nick

Just saw the header for this in FeedDemon and couldn't remember the cartoon. I'm laughing my ass off all over again.

Mojo made me assless.

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