Monday, February 28, 2005

The Surly Cake Man

The Surly Cake Man

More Sketchbook Spelunking

I was looking through my sketchbooks when I found this fellow, and had a bit of a chuckle. I don't remember all the details of why I drew him, but I can recall the day. Pete Dalkner and I were sitting outside a place in town, and were checking out the bakery across the street. I think we were just watching the guy inside, and something about his look made us think he might be one of the more unpleasant personalities in the baking world.

I remember that day had also yielded one of the most interesting conversations I've ever eavesdropped upon. But I think I'll save that story for my NEXT post...

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Rob Weychert

I am now inspired to take up baking.


I like to wonder just what was said that made the baker do that...

Maybe: "Can I have a fork?"


perhaps he was offended that the viewer brought with him/her what would appear to be a bare-chested lady action figure.


I should try to get this guy a show. He'd kill on Tuesday nights........


Sara - Hah - that could be it!

That's right Pants - Tuesday is when Americans are most amused by violence to baked goods...


It's my fifth birtday all over again.
*sob, sob, sob*


tuesday = cakefuckday?

wow! you really have an idea there! Cakes are much softer than fries...
In holland we only have frienight on friedays, but we cant really fuck a frie now can we?

M.E. Kuhr

all of your posts make me verry happy....its a good way to start my day. Cant wait for tomarrow


Thanks, M.E!


tell us the goddamn story!


Hah hah hah!
Now that's not funny most of the bakers where i live are like that


I'd imagine it's a very skinny town, then :)


really, really serious face:
"Yes...and we're proud"

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