Friday, February 25, 2005

The Knights that say "Eh"

The Knights that say "Eh"

I'm in the homestretch...

I think I'm finally getting into the last few days of my flu. I have a doctor's appointment today. Hopefully I'll find out whether my flu has morphed into a sinus infection, as has happened to me before.

This was quite an annoying bout, and I hope not to get it again. I have to say, however, that I've had much worse. By far, the worse sickness I ever got was similar to this. I got the flu, which turned into a viral sinus infection, which turned into a bacterial sinus infection, which put so much goop in my ears that I was dizzy for a week. Now, if you've ever been dizzy, you might know where I'm coming from. But if dizziness doesn't seem bad to you, imagine this:

All you can do is hear

You can see stuff, sure — but you can't focus on a damn thing. And after a couple of minutes of your vision swishing and swooshing, you'll close your eyes anyways just to stave off nausea.

So — enjoy another cartoon, and hopefully next week I'll be back in form.

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John Nick

See? Too much information is ALWAYS a bad thing.


Nausea-inducing vertigo is well worth being as talented as you are. Take it from me.


i like that mojo refuses to be held by strict structures like perfectly rectilinear frames or outdated romantic ideals. i don't like to use the word "hero," but....


I had the flu shot, and it did not save me. I caught the crud a week ago on a flight home and I still feel crappy. Sorry you feel crappy too. Thanks for the smile from the cartoon! :) have a restful weekend. :)


I've also been temporarily taken out by The Evil Flu - I hope you feel better soon...
Haven't stopped by your site in a while - I always enjoy checking out your great work - but I do have one question -
Where'd the bear go??
*sigh* - my day is just a tiny bit more dull for not having the bear to interact with.
Get well soon! :)


You're in luck, Kristi - the bear is in the "work" section of the site, in the small right hand column :)


This is one of my favorites!


Now that I think of it, I haven't had a bad flu bug since you, Matt and Josh took me to the hospital back in fall of '99.

Guess I'm just lucky....except for the whole cadaver tendon thing........



It'll all catch up to you pants...

Someday a zombie with crutches will show up at your door...VERY MAD.


Mojo is pretty hot in that helmet. tell him i said "hellllllo"


Maybe dizzy is good for your art. It's as trippy as drugs, but not as dangerous. Unless, of course, you run into furniture.


I'd say the bigger risk is running into... doorknobs...

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