Monday, February 21, 2005

Snake Henchmen

Snake Henchmen

Can't Talk. Sick. Enjoy picture.

I've had the flu since Thursday, and it's kicking my ass... so... I'm going to go lay down again after this...

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kevin, though art so witty!

the snakes are great. knees...gee hee hee


Man, I feel like the last pink dot! Everyone's getting sick!!


My wife recently started feeling sick, too. Then we found out that she's pregnant... maybe you should get that checked

Rob Weychert

Well, if Kevin is pregnant, the baby is NOT mine. So all of you get your accusing eyes off me.


How did the snakes tie the guy up?
Do the snake gangsters have strap on mech-arms?


he is strapped up with more snakes... Duh...


He should just tell them that knees are something other than knees - maybe something that heals faster and requires less intensive physical therapy and won't get his health insurance company's panties in a bunch. Stupid snakes.


kevin- now you have to draw snakes with strap on arms.

you have to.

The Philanthropist

I'd like to see how that snake lit that cigarette without dropping his hat...

Biggest Apple

What the hell is going on over there? Inman, JSM, now you?!?!?! Stop playin spin the bottle - it passes germs!


Get well soon!

goat face


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