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Word of The Day for Saturday January 8, 2005

putsch \PUCH ('u' as in 'push')\, noun: A secretly planned and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government.

Yep. The obvious time and effort put into this plan is breathtaking.

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Is this a metaphor for the last election?

Rob Weychert

Uh oh, Kevin has unwittingly opened the door for political discourse on his site!


there went my secret plan. now he'll never get up from his desk. thanks, kevin. in any case, the hearty swiss german "putsch" is always preferable to the namby-pamby french "coup d'etat."


There was an election?!


Much wittier response then mine, RJ.



we have a king you know...

Renny K

I think that would work on Bush


heh heh. Maybe Mojo should be president. eh!


If your gonna be in charge of a country, the least you can do is grow a beard.
Maybe this coup was for the best.


yeah, kev. heck with atfe(apposable thumbs for everyone), i think we all beards! or at least all the presidents should have them...or everyone in politcal office!


Ahem... it's ETFN. Evolve Thumbs on Feet Now. You just lost your membership. Please return the shoe-gloves.


Can i suggest a word of the day? :)
It would be funny to have a word you wouldn't understand and just guessing with a picture...

If you're into the gig: take 'sloefen' :) (--> dutch dialect word)



Hah - that's a good idea, Jessie! We actually did something similar for Quadruped, where we made up a word and then made up the definitions! I believe we called it "Wordwise". There's only two, however, so I wouldn't mind doing more!


Well at first i just wanted to say that this comic is really funny but after reading the posts about election, thumbs and other stuff i did never took into consideration, i realise i'm a just a stupid old man with no life besides surfing the net and no better nick than Jack....this is really sad....really


Hahaha :D

Wonder what your interpretation of 'sloefen' will be :) hehehe

You can go international with this *wink*


I assure you Jack - this cartoon is not a political commentary.

IN FACT - I avoid any and all politics. I just don't find it funny, and all it manages to do is get people arguing over arbitrary tidbits.

So I appreciate that you think it's funny!


Chin up Jack, we can't ALL have cool nicks like me. And Jessie. She’s got one too.

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