Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mojo And Bomb

Mojo And Bomb

Watch Out!

Don't ask me how he got it. I'm sure I don't know. Although, I'd imagine that he had to pay a LOT of money for that thing, which would explain why he fired his butler.

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Awww, dude. Butlo was fired? Sheeit.

I guess the best I can hope for is a spin-off comic starring Butlo.


Heh heh - he's pretty awesome...


Looks like Mojo's got one up on Kevin around the house!


Nice to know that mojo has good hygiene. "a cleanly monkey is a Godly monkey!"


Hey RJ-- can you post a comment without using html code? I really don't think you can!


<mocking>Hey RJ-- can you post a code..a comment without being so cool with all the web design chicks!?</mocking>

I don't thinks I can either. Nor can I post without telling you to <weychert>eat it</weychert>


Kids! Kids - this isn't what Mojo intended!


oooo, I'm so impressed. Who is this R.J.?


Thanks Niff. Now you've made my site into a dating forum.

Ted Fox

My Name is Ted. I'm a Scorpio, and I like omelettes.


ooooo. Foxy!


American toilets have bigger pans than the british versions.
Lucky so and sos ::Mumble Mumble.. You'd never get a cannonball bomb down a English ubend, we wouldn't stand a chance...the humanity!


American toilets being bigger is almost an insult. It just confirms how fucking fat we are.

You heard me, RJ - you fatso...


If I didn't have an entire box full of marshmallow chicks in my mouth right now I'd... oooo...Cadberry Creme Egg....


It'd be nice is it was titled "mojo and THE bomb" That would suggest some sort of relationship with mojo and the bomb. Or not. That could work too :)


Well - everyone has a relationship with a bomb, even if you never hang out. But I guarantee the next time you see Bomb, it will bring feelings of discomfort and a wish to be with someone else.


Do you people even have jobs..?


uh. Um..


*silent weeping*

John Nick

I love the decrescendo of Mojo's "Eh!" as he approaches and arrives at his perceived solution and safety.

A toilet in the ladies room at The Hippo in Baltimore was once destroyed. Was it Mojo? Would he go in a gay bar?

Maybe if he felt it was his quickest path to safety.


It could very well have been Mojo. He's got an arrest record 9 miles long, and most of those charges are public vandalism.

As for going to a gay bar, I believe Mojo's confident enough in his sexuality to go. Now whether he'd figure out why there's no chicks, that's another story.


Not a lot of female sock monkey's at bar's anyway, he might not even notice the difference at a gay bar.


RJ...That was pretty wiltty with the tags, but, you're just sore, cause you know i'm right! =)


doode! my post got all wacky!
so, never mind RJ or anybody..i'm too little too late.


mojo forgot to flush!

Biggest Apple

My wife frowns upon me bringing a sock monkey into our home, but with this new information perhaps she'll weigh up the benefits of in-house bomb disposal services and lift the embargo. If only there were more than one cyclops sock monkey in the world then I'd really have some leverage!


Ducky - Mojo isn't in the habit of flushing - mostly because there's a good chance he'll get sucked down.

BA - Oh yeah, monkeys are TOPS at disposing bombs....

Although - 9/10 of the time, they bring the bomb IN - you know, to open coconuts and stuff...

Biggest Apple

You can't blame them really. Coconuts are nearly impossible to open without a bomb.

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