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Word of The Day for Sunday January 17, 2005

apogee \AP-uh-jee\, noun: 1. The point in the orbit of the moon or of an artificial satellite that is at the greatest distance from the center of the earth. 2. The farthest or highest point; culmination.

Make sure you check out Matt Sutter's interpretation!

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well, you certainly defined the word better than i did...

the human cannonball looks a lot like a sperm too


All the best human cannoballers taper off from the head.

MR Rob

Oh crap! i went out drinking last night and blacked out. I didn't think I could break the stratosphere but oh well I did grab a nice bag of space dust. If you want to see it, I think I landed somewhere near the Pacific Rim. In fact please help. I could use a sandwich. That and a cabbie back home is all I ask for breaking the record. signed yours Rob Hickey (universal-human-canon-balleer)


Dood, what happened to his legs and arms and shit? Guess it got blown off...sick kev sick.

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