Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Waffles Report, II.

The Waffles Report, II.

8-12 inches of yellow snow

With all this snow, I made it a point to go across the street and check out the status of the Waffleses. Everything seems to be fine. The snow has not inhibited any of the barking; in fact, the sound really carries — sending their instinctive territorial message even further.

As for myself, I have shoveled the front walk three times already. And looking outside in the driveway, as small snow-covered hill has developed where my car was parked. I intend to explore that later, after my snowfort is done.

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How come the dog can barely come above the snow while there's "only" 12 inches of snow?


mmm.. nevermind, I get it, there's probably a dog house or some kind of shelter thingie where the snow is lying on.


Wow! you really have the time to do all that? Gee, I could do that only if i was unemployed....


*pull at collar, gulp*

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