Monday, January 17, 2005

The Launch of Inkfinger

The Launch of Inkfinger

My Wait is Over

Waiting? For what? Why, the sketch site of talented pair Jennifer Nicholls and Matthew Sutter! You may recognize the work of Sutter, from Quadruped, the 24-hour comic, or even as a guest drawing in the one-offs. You may not have seen Niff's work - which is your loss, because she's an outstanding illustrator. But you can remedy that situation right now by visiting their site at

Go now! I won't do anything until you get back. *tap*, *tap*, *tap*

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A combination of the grotesquely talented with the suicidally retarded.
Congrats, you two.


Okay... go ahead. I'm back.


i like the green.


A very nice site! oooh Yummy/
You can't go wrong with a big squid.

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