Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Panic in the Cornucopia

Panic in the Cornucopia

Word of the Day

A couple of my cohorts and I have recently begun creating "works of art" themed by the Word of the Day. It's actually a pretty helpful place to start when coming up with one-offs.

Here's the definition I was sent...

Friday December 24, 2004

cornucopia \kor-nuh-KOH-pee-uh; -nyuh-\, noun: 1. The horn of plenty, from which fruits and flowers are represented as issuing. It is an emblem of abundance. 2. An overflowing supply; an abundance.

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nice take on cornucopia.
i skipped that one. i guess i skip all of them. however, i did start the WOTD...i just can't keep up with the likes of you. i should show you my wotd was "drunk" and i drew a man in a monkey suit holding up his middle finger.
ahh..those where the days.


Okay, I wanna see some sites of cohorts, whatever that is.

Plus I told my mom (I'm 18, I'm allowed to ask stuff to my mom) I wanted a drawing made by you for my birthday but she says she doesn't know Kevin Cornell. I know she's lying since you are great! Love your work man, nice idea for the word of the day works of art thingie.


Well - it's not my idea. Niff and Matthew Sutter were the originators of the concept, as far as I know...


baaah it still a great idea. :D


Bananas are such pussies.


Yeah - I hear that. They can't even drive a manual car!


you sonofabitch! my wordy idea, ruined!

no, wait... 'made better' is what i meant to say.


Notice that god is not capitalized... Are bananas polytheist?


Sure - he worships the banana gods... Plain-Tar...and um... Cavendisha.


What about the other fruit? Are there cross fruit religions? I suppose it would be understandable that they would all worship some type of rain and sun gods, perhaps they even worship their respective fruit-producing vegetation?

Jeff Minard

Banana knew it was going to be a bad day:

Read your future in the leaves my son.

Mason Galindo

He's not really stuck. I don't believe it.

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