Monday, January 10, 2005

My Office Partner

My Office Partner

Mojo on the Job

I took this in the morning, when Mojo was supposed to be working on the style guide for Mojo Corporation. I'm beginning to notice this happens quite a bit. He seems to find a perch sometime around 10ish, and sleeps until 5:30. Then he punches out and goes to the bars. I don't really hear him come home.

He makes a great pot of coffee though, so it's worth keeping him on. And when he does get around to making a logo, he gets it right pretty much on the first try.

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Yes, I too have a pet. He's a cat. Names "Augi". I can't tell you how many bits of duct tape I have had to press on the sofa where he's burned it with a cigarette. Not on purpose, no. It usually happens when he's fallen asleep. He's even tried to help out once in a while by dousing the flames with what's left in his bottle of 'ol smelly warthag'. I once found a women in the crack of the cushions. To this day he denies any knowledge of how she got there.


You're so nuts!

Mojo rocks though, a friend of mine also makes sockmonkeys and she always give them to me, my bed is full with them now (she makes one of them everyday and she started six months ago)

It's really cool, sockmonkeys rock!

Mojo the Sockmonkey

Eh! Eh eh eh eh...

Eh Eh eh eh eheeh eh eh.


Lewis the Sockmonkey

Bananas? Bananas, bananas bananas!


one time Mojo told me he left a great logo for me on my chair but when i got to my desk there was just a steaming pile of monkey shit there.

on second thought, that IS a good logo!


As long as he makes good coffee, what more could you hope for? But, if he needs a new home, there's always room here. :-)


Oh great. Thanks, Wrywriter. Now he's going to ask for a raise.

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