Thursday, January 06, 2005

Web Standards Award

Web Standards Award

My thanks goes out to the Web Standards Awards, who have found it in their heart to award me Site of the Month for December, 2004. Thank you, fellows! I shall try and avoid tabled graphics and code-forking even HARDER, now that I have received the congratulatory fruit basket and masseuse!

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well i'll be hornswoggled. who would have ever thought that you would be recognized for your standards? the fruity massage, on the other hand, is no surprise.


I'll tell ya, Wayne - it's easy to get standards compliant when you've got Jason Santa Maria harping on you day and night about standards and CSS and validate this and alt tag that until you just wanna build a burial mound out of his eyes and teeth!

Ohh - I've.... said too much.

You know - I can't finish this whole basket, Wayne... perhaps I can pass the fruity massage on to you...

Jason Santa Maria

*sob*, I just want you to be all you can be. I'll take an orange if there is one in that basket.


And how does you wife feel about the masseuse?


That's ok, he'd be too busy laughing (being ticklish) to get turned on.


kevin has a wife? is it a man that he calls wife? i would figure that kevin would be the wife in his man on man marrage. hurrrmmmmm.....

well, Congrats' anyways kevin!! =)


kevin, you didn't know that the WSA was actually a gay site review? hey....I'll give you a massage KEV. :)


Well! I am shocked! and appalled! and a little bit intrigued. But mostly shocked!

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