Monday, January 03, 2005

The Goose and The Train

The Goose and The Train

A night unlike any other night

Last night, whilst preparing for bed, Kim and I found what appeared to be the severed head of a goose under the pillows. After closer inspection, we realized it was plastic; and probably used to be attached to the body of a goose/flamingo lawn ornament. Despite my questioning, it refused to divulge how it got there.

To add to the discomforting events of the night, SEPTA revealed that any rail maintenance must occur at 2:00 in the morning. I investigated the grinding, chainsaw-like thrashing, and John Henry-esque iron-on-iron pounding that maintenance entails, but was disappointed to find out that no one was going to compensate me for the disturbance with money, or an explanation.

This new year is already much more exciting than the last...

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The early bird catches the goose...


Blast! If only I went to bed in the morning instead of night!


sounds like the canadian mafia has a beef with you, eh.


that's one of the funniest things i have ever heard.... ever. can i borrow the severed head? i'm sure merritt would appreciate the humor...


what a waste of a fine collection of hats,


He's got a Bowler, a Fedora...even the coveted Pickelhaube. The Salvation Army is really winning out here.

Pete Jarvis

Please Mr Goose may I take a gander at your hats, I have a head for such things unlike your unfortunate self.


Quite clever :)

The Philanthropist

Even without a head, he still looks pissed. Maybe its all the stomping.

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