Monday, October 13, 2003

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Empty Seats, Full Hearts

I attended the latest Quentin Tarantino movie on Sunday, and boy was I surprised! Known for his cheese-topped gurgling violence, it seems Tarantino has made a 180-degree turn and decided to explore a new genre — heart-warming tales of empowerment and renewed spirit.

Diane Lane stars as Frances Mayes, a soulful gal who loses her house and husband and moves to Tuscany, where she finds love again despite the obstacles of language and quirky Three's-Company-style mix ups!

I must say I was a bit confused as the movie progressed with very little in the way of beheadings, basement sodomy, or Samuel L. Jackson. Perhaps, I was even disappointed! But then it occurred to me — this film is a beautiful metaphor for the growth Tarantino has experienced since his last directorial release. And just as Frances Mayes finds the injured buds of her love blooming again in the tender hands of Marcello; my own faults and doubts were swept away by the warm forgiving winds of the Tuscan landscape.

Author's Note (December 2008)

After subsequent viewings of the movie on videotape and DVD, it appears that I may have just been in the wrong theater that day. Nevertheless, I still maintain that Under The Tuscan Sun is one of Tarantino's most touching films, an impressive accomplishment considering he actually didn't participate in the production.

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*sob* Marcello was the best thing that ever happened to her...I can't even collect my thoughts, it was just all so beautiful.


i was equally astounded by the uncharacteristic development that the rza showed in writing the tender score. wu-tang? more like woo-tang.




you moron. that's not Kill Bill you're describing. it's Jaws!


Jaws? Hmm. There were a lot of ocean scenes...

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