Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Remember me, 140 Characters at a time

I understand Hector also requested to be buried with his Farmville score.

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Remi Gerard

Shall we Instagram the casket?

Remi Gerard

Is there a nice Groupon deal to go to @heaven ?


Haha - nice, Remi :D


Hector's got it figured out. Me, I wanna be buried with an operational webcam so people can watch me decompose to a pre-selected soundtrack of my favorite Monty Python numbers.


I'd love to say so much more about Hector and the amazing life he led, but I'm gonna run out of chars LOL


Josh - Why wait until you're dead? I want to see that NOW.

Eric - The life that can't be summed up in 140 characters isn't worth living!

Karl Habegger

"This is my first tweet!"??? So weird. I use that ALL THE TIME.


Josh - I imagine one of those pre-selected songs will NOT be "Not Dead Yet" from Spam-a-lot, eh? You know... 'cause you'll be dead...


Now followed by '0' people.


Karl - Your every tweet feels like your first? That sounds like a tagline waiting to be used.

Harold - I think the Pythoners would appreciate such nonsensical usage. Also, if he could get John Cleese to kill everyone attending the funeral, that'd be appropriate as well.

Dvvrt - Nicely done!


Is that a real Bible or have the pages been cut away to hold an iPad?


Did he become the mayor of Dearly Remembered Cemetery?


lol opsraak, i wonder how that would work as most people only go there once.


Something something Re-Tweet...something something Buddhist joke.


Saul Likes this Article


My name is Hector. Funny thing about this is that I once had an active twitter account where I posted my Bristol scale reports (yes, poopin'). I gave up when I realized that twitter wouldn't let me write the same thing twice in a row.


Hector - You need to alternate. "Eating" then "Pooping". Which also helps the rest of us make sure you're doing things in the right order.

Cliener von Cleanskin

Hector’s Facebook friends are now receiving targeted ads pushing life insurance and funeral services.


Oh, Phyllis... I've sent you an e-condolences card.


His last tweet:

'Cutting red wire now...'


Haha - NICE, Bananaglyph, nice :D


Omg this is hilarious!!


Coffin shaped iPad testers needed! Click here -->>


Haha - excellent, Simon :D

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