Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Virtuous Lifeguard

The Virtuous Lifeguard

Man Says "Thanks But No Thanks" To Thankless Task

Of the many occupations I don't think I'd be very good at, lifeguarding ranks pretty near the top. For one thing, with my complexion, I'd almost certainly die of sun-poisoning within hours of starting work. Even quicker if I worked at an outdoor pool. Also, it looks like one of the most boring jobs in the world. You just stand around and watch other people have fun. I have the same complaint about dance clubs, but at least at a club you can steal other people's drinks while they're not looking. And what if you're having an off-day? I screw up drawings all the time. You can't do that when you're a lifeguard. You can't just crumple up a corpse and throw it into the recycling bin. It needs to be sorted. Some of those organs are still good.

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Definitely we have to sort those organs out...
Or you could try to put the body here.


As long as the body has no staples in it, sure!


I love that the guy couldn't possibly revive him - that would be totally gay!


So what you're saying is that when we die, we end up wearing for eternity what we died wearing?

I, for one, am never wearing shoes or a tie again. Just in case. Thanks for the head's up.


Sutter - Well... he wasn't on duty.

Testmonkey - Good call! Also, you might want to wear an angel costume. It's the same principal as wearing a tuxedo everywhere so you can sneak into wedding receptions.


I used to do that, it was a boring job.


Did you ever get to resuscitate anyone? Or beat up a shark?


Well I say, what a wonderful piece and the writing that accompanied it is absolutely brilliant - once again Mr. Cornell, you make a my day!


I suppose the boy hasn't yet find out he can peep into her shower cabin by sticking his angel head through the wall... who would care about stupid kisses under those circumstances? :)

Jonathan Wagener

Of course you cant expect him to work off duty.

Glindon Marten

I hope when I die a hot chick kisses my corpse too. That would be sweeeeet.


Opsraak - You're making me blush :D

Tudorminator - That's right! And he can go into bank vaults and investigate safety-deposit boxes!

Glindon - Totally. There's nothing hotter than some animate on inanimate action.


I hope she took the crabs out of his mouth before she did that.


I was rolling like crazy, such a great idea


I was rolling like crazy, such a great idea

Your Brother

Outstanding this is the strip you have done in a while.

Flávia Leitão

great humour!!! I love it!


Bloody genius.

Captain Purple

I thought there was a dress code in heaven.


What happend to Kevin? Where is he?


Haha - I'm still here! I just had an absolutely killer deadline all through May, so I didn't have a chance to post. Plus, I had The Superest redesign to get out of the way.

I must say, I'm flattered by your concern. Good to know just in case I get trapped in a well that someone will notice!

Jordan Koschei

Lifeguarding and web design aren't that different, in that they both involve sitting around while other people assume you're doing absolutely nothing.

Take it from me, I've done both jobs (for concurrently).




jajaja cool!


Where is David Hasselhoff when you need him the most?

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