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An Ambidextrous Comic

I think in the New Year, I resolve to finally investigate that horrible wailing sound in the attic. I may need to call up that house inspector again and have him take a look.

Although, when I think about it... I don't think I ever wrote him a check for his services.

And... I actually don't remember him giving me the results of the inspection.

You know what? I think he might have gone out of business. I know he abandoned his van, because it's been in our driveway for about a month now.

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I resolve to stop taking afternoon fiestas in peoples attics. After all, the dust and insulation don't bode well with my skin type.

Btw. Your new feed is borked.

house inspector

Oh... wailey wailey wailey !
Can no-one hear the moaning of a poor house-inspector then?
Will someone get me out of this here attic?


Greg - Wait - do you fiesta or siesta? Because a fiesta should attract a lot more attention!

By the way, how was it borked?

House Inspector - You have internet access up there? Can you email me an invoice then?


Siesta would sound like snores while Fiesta results in horrible wailing sounds because I party wile playing my didgeridoo.

T. Tolleson

I resolve to be more lazy.

I figure that having failed to keep every single resolution I have ever made in the past, this plan should be aces for 2009!

William Stewart

I resolve to get fatter, uglier, lazier, and care less than last year because no matter what I resolve, that's what happens anyway!


Terry - I can see you now... yelling at yourself for riding a bike "Goddammit! I'm burning calories!".

William - Even so, that's a lot of resolutions to make all at once. It's like you're not even trying to be lazy!


He went out of business? Well, if you've never thought about going into the home inspecting business, you've already got a problem in the attic and a new van. This might be a sign that you should try it. With great vans come great responsibilities.

russer butter

Sounds in the attic? That doesn't sound like a job for a home inspector.

It does however sound like a perfect job for someone small, brown and furry.

And no I am not talking about one of my alpacas.

Captain Purple

You are correct, whaling is a horrible, brutal practice… hang on. *adjusts monitor*

Never mind.

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