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The Cuckold

The Cuckold

Hot Lust In The Cold War

This sort of thing used to happen a lot in the early sixties. I bet it's because so many husbands had to work late to afford bomb shelters. I mean, the cost of digging the bomb shelter itself was pretty hefty, but then you had to stock it with enough reading material for two months. That's a lot of magazine subscriptions to pay off. And what with the growing popularity of the one-dish-feeds-all casserole, suddenly the housewife found she had much more time on her hands, and let me tell you the growing popularity of the mustache on door-to-door salesmen was not helping her maintain her fidelity.

Luckily, by the late sixties, this sort of thing went out of vogue in favor of wholesome, outdoor concert orgies.

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You know, Id never considered the answer to this question, but I think thats about the best possible reply.

I wonder what sort of job the husband has, such that hes bothered more by the question than the affair.


He's a door-to-door bomb shelter salesman.


Door-to-door bomb shelter saleman? Dang, how does he fit a selection of those into his breifcase?? (And where can I get one? It'd come in handy for traveling, what the airlines limiting us to just one suitcase!)

BTW, is the guy she's with there gaining wieght through to the end, or is he just melting?


BTW, is the guy she's with there gaining wieght through to the end, or is he just melting?

Melting. It's all that fallout radiation he's exposed to.

Cliener von Cleanskin

I love the nonchalance of the men in this. I guess with the great prevalence of such things, they weren’t particularly suprised.

Given this, the real question, is why did the housewife react in such an alarmed manner and, more the point, what else is she hiding?


At least she seems pretty confident that her husband is going to Heaven. Which is fine by her, I guess, since she'll be in The Other Place with Melt-O.


i love the look on the husband's face in the first frame. he looks like a 6 year old whose ice cream cone just melted over the pavement.


Is this the first time bewbs have appeared in BSR? As I wrack my pea-brain trying to remember a precedent, I am suddenly further amused that I'm the first one to comment on the mammorific content!

Terry Tolleson

He won't be very comfortable in his graveit's filled with clams!


I think there may have been some bewbs in an ambidextrous panel a little while back, something about a guy trying to chat up a girl. Maybe she had a top on.

What's amazing about this comic is that the lover has man-bewbs too. So that's 12 individual nipples in one cartoon (although by panel 3 they have melted into one giant breast).

Dark Canary

I hate to admit I know this but there was much to-do about bewbs showing up after the trip to the Dominican. Crown me Bewb-Finder!

Mint Chicle

Since we're on the subject of breasts and all, I think her right breast gets a little perkier by frame 3.


Think I might need the husband's hat. Reminds me of Jacques Tati and that's a very good thing.


but I wonder WHY she's having an affair with the moustachioed guy! the moustache will tickle, and he's old and fat :( instead her husband's a better bet, isn't he?


"Melting". Ha ha, good one. Well. That lady is quite clever - makes herself appear to be caring about her husband!


*to some extend

glindon marten

I love cartoon boobs. Male of female, it really doesn't matter.


Since watching MAd Men all first season and now with the kick off of the second season Sunday, I am beginning to wonder if there was any man who DIDN'T cheat on his wife. It almost seemed as if that was the norm, and if you didn't cheat on your wife then something must be wrong with you.

By the way is this the first time boobs have been present on Bearskinrug?

I also enjoyed how the guy in bed with the girls face NEVER changes, and he is just calm cool and relaxed, like, "Yeah I'm in bed with your wife... and I'm FAT!"


Actually, the guy in bed with her just doesn't seem very impressed with the situation, like he's just bored with this whole infidelity thing. Makes me wonder how many affairs he's got going on.
And why.
Cause, I mean, really, he's no George Clooney or anything.
I'll bet he's the traveling door-to-door hypnotist!


Actually, having looked at it a few times. The man in bed is not melting, but is, instead, absorbing the womans pillow! Look, by frame three he practically is her pillow. Oh, and the husband has a Chameleon tie...


I guess the husband has a chameleon tie and the wife has a chameleon lover - it's wonder they were ever caught! I can imagine the husband commenting as he climbs into bed, "Gee, honey, that new pillow's a large one, isn't it?"
"Um, yes, " she replies, "There was a sale at Bed Bath and Beyond."
"Oh. Was this one part of the Geraldo Rivera line?"


Hahahahahah! I love your drawings! What a great hand, eye and mind you have! And what a great witty crowd you draw (attract, that is) here! Thanks, Kevin!

Grinling Gibbons

When Charles proposed to Jolene he knew he would be marrying far below his class. But it was only when he came home to find his wife in bed with her father, did he realise just how far.


Freudian theory of humor triumphs here: the wit is the disclosure of hostility in wifey's last remark: she wants hubby dead. Sex and aggression -- those sources and motivations for the funniest jokes!


True, Leo!

You know... I was surprised to see commentary still open on here... and also no comment spam!

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