Thursday, June 12, 2008

Children’s Goats

Children’s Goats

Hey! What happened to learning?

I know, I know... this week was supposed to be Part II. of Bear Tools. But on Tuesday night we had one nasty thunderstorm that knocked out my internet until today. Consequently, I didn't get as far with Part II. as I'd like. So in lieu of learning, I figured I'd offer up a comic about learned goats.

Or... maybe this is Part II. I couldn't imagine doing a drawing without a goat. My desk would be littered with tin cans. And what would I sacrifice to Ba'al?

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Bummer... I thought I was going to get rich because I taught my goat to do beatboxing...


No one's saying you can't STILL get rich. I know people who'll pay $2-3.00 a pound for goat meat.


I reject your assertion that these goats are indeed on the moon. It's clear that they are on a sound stage in north Burbank.


What gave it away? No jetpacks? I knew I should have added jetpacks.

His Royal Highness

I belive that the girl in the second panels shirt color is in some kind of flux.


One more argument for the Burbank-theorem is that the goats do not have airtanks. I belive that there are air in Burbank but not on the moon.

Still... I love your stuff.

glindon marten

I love the goats on the moon, there is something timeless about those two frames.

The Colonel

For the record, who needs learning when you've got goats?

Especially spacegoats!

I can feel my brain expanding with their goaty goodness already!

Leaf, probably...

Meh, Goats are great and all, but when I was a kid I bragged about my chicken. It could tell you all about the French Revolution. In morse code no less.


His Highness - There's... uh... goatxygen. That's all they need.

Glindon - I think time does move slower on the moon.

The Colonel - You're brain is expanding from all those microwaves. You should get your head of that thing; you can watch your popcorn cook through the door anyway.

Increased Chance Of Being A Leaf - Chickens, you say? What kind of air do they breath?


Goats are always better than pencils. With homework you never even have to do it before the goat can eat it.

I'm sure the power outtage was caused by a goat too.

And high gas prices too! Goats!!!


I feel I am obliged to point out that neither of those goats are particularly learned, as such. Sure, they can talk and they're on the moon (although I see there is dispute over even that) but one has absolutely no direction-sense and/or memory and the other is quite plainly some kind of goat version of Dustin Hoffman in 'Rain Man'.

I guess all the cognitive problems could be explained by the obviously expiring air in the helmets and the intense cold they must be enduring, but you see where that line of thought leads also...

Just saying.


I must speak out in favor of the goats. These are, in fact, very clever goats. 7 is the correct answer, perhaps we cannot comprehend the question. eh? EH?

Or maybe he means Lot 7, next to the teal camaro and in front of the double parked minivan with wood paneling.

Such distrust...

Cliener von Cleanskin

This isn’t Bear Tools Part II? I just spent three hours looking for the the pen and hot air balloon.


do you live in Michigan? because we got hit by a huge storm tuesday and lost power also.
I thought that was a thing for websites in europe

Barbequed Goatness

There you go:


Monkeyinabox - High oil prices are cause by whales getting caught in pipelines.

Bananaglyph - Well... it can't be that cold to them. They have fur, right?

Keeping You Awake - Are those space cameros? And intergalactic minivans?

Cleaner - Man! You're a slow reader!

Kev - Looks like Mr. Goatness has me covered ;)

BBQ Goatness - Ahh! You beat me to it ;)


You're still trying to make us believe that they're really on the moon, when it's already been made so clear to us that they are on a sound stage in north Burbank?

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Alternative answer - Yes. Yes they are.


Wait — isn't Burbank ON the moon?


Oh, THAT Burbank. I thought we were talking about the other one. I'm wrong.


Yeah, well My goat ate the moon. And Burbank.

So there.


No clever Space Ghost-related remarks? (Space Ghost, Space Goats.) Maybe that wouldn't be so clever after all. Hmm.


Goats have fur? O-k-a-a-a-y...

Barbequed Goatness

Kevin We BBQed Goats do anything to get off that burning coal even for just a sec.

Crevis Van Chafin

OMFG... it looks like you've used Letratone. Hmmm... the memories... the rubbing... the scalpels... the blades... AAARGGGH THE BLADES THE BLADES... AARGR GPtf Ka... .. .


Someone got my goat years idea what he's up to now.


I have him here. Did you know he's originally from Long Island?


No I did not, but would you kindly ask him to send me back my Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox? The Oscar Goldman action figure had better still be in the thermos...


That lunchbox was made of tin. He ate that YEARS ago.

The action figure is on display at the Louvre, on loan from the Applegoat Collection.


did you man bleatboxing?

Two Ton Tilly

Baaaaaaaa, or is that for sheep?

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