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Another Spread From Eighteen

Another Spread From Eighteen

Black and White and Read All Over

Invariably, when I purchase a sketchbook specifically designed for watercolor, the last thing I feel like doing in it is painting. I think it has something to do with the fact that painting requires a bit of patience, waiting for the page to dry and such; and if I'm using the sketchbook, the last thing I want to do is sit there, waiting to continue my hobby. I mean, half the reason I have a sketchbook is for killing time; if I enjoyed waiting, I'd be a professional waiter. Mind you, not a waiter in the sense of "someone who takes orders and serves food at a restaurant", but someone who is paid to stand and wait. A night watchmen, or a guy in a park who pretends to be a statue.

Coveting Thy Neighbor's Marshmallow Houses

I finished this particular spread last night, effectively murdering the evening hours between six-of-the-clock and eight-of-the-clock. The last couple hours of finishing any drawing is my favorite part of the process. By this stage, it's just detail work... tying up loose ends and finding common details for drawings to share. It's much more enjoyable than the beginning, when I have to think of things to draw, or the end, when I have no room left to draw, and have to start another page. That being the case, I'm considering no longer buying sketchbooks of my own. Instead, I'll just steal other people's in-progress sketchbooks, and finish them off. I did something similar with the SATs, and it worked out really well.

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Your style is un-real. I really dig the way you take up the page, and the way your brain flows. Don't stop... wish you posted more of these type of rambling sketch ideas.


"GOMP GOMP", the sound of a marshmellow house being destroyed... hilarious...!


Aaron - Haha - thanks Aaron. And man... "rambling" is certainly the best way to describe this ;)
Michael - Well, that's the sound of ANY delicious house being destroyed...


Your ADD is so much cooler than my ADD.


Hahahahaha..... I like the Holmes Watson chemistry. It's not very 'happy'.


Also, FIRSSSSSSSSST. Has that become too old on this blog?


Testmonkey - Well... my pills are from a much more exotic part of the Amazon.
Dibyo - Well... you seem to have not been actually first... but I wouldn't mind the FIRST tradition sort of dissipating in favor of more actual commentary! But, I'm not a hard-ass about it :D


Ugh. egg on my face, when i started reading, i was first.


now all we need is to build 2 gram cracker wings and a chocolate wing to the marshmallow house build a huge campfire and eat Mr. Hugo out of house and home.


I would like to know more about the potato. Is Lord Porpost the defender, or the offender? If the latter, what was the offense?

Also, with his webbed feet and aerodynamic design, I reckon Ernie would be a fine swimmer. Please post more about your little pup.

Greg K Nicholson

For a second there, I thought Mojo was agitating a pleasant uprising.

“Excuse me, sir! Might we take charge of this place instead, please? Thanks awfully.”


Having been a reader of this blog for some time now Kevin, it is becoming clear that you have a particular interest in the people and fashions of the late nineteenth, early twentieth century world, that Fin de siecle time that we Brits would call Edwardian. Holmes and Farthing, Lord Porpost and Arnold duelling, etcetera. It also chimes with your love of Wodehouse characters.

Why this particular historical period I wonder? Is is the pinoneering, barn-storming spirit? The allure of the amateur inventor, the romance of the gentleman Egypologist?

Or is it just that handle-bar moustaches are irresistable to a cartoonist?


I have to ask, what does the Mrs. Bearskinrug think of the evening hours being devoted to such tomfoolery as a sketchbook? Or was she, in keeping with the Victorian motif of this spread, busy with needlework?


Artbeard - Don't forget the huge, straightened coat-hanger...

David - I think they're just dueling over which one of them gets the honor of eating it...

Greg - Haha - NICE!

Robert - I'm not necessarily sure why I latched onto that period. I suppose I just find the language, customs, and attitude of that England to be a particularly fertile playground for humor.

Though you may have something there with that mustache thing...

Christian - Mrs. Bearskinrug has always been an avid supporter of me sketching in the evening, as long as I'm sitting by her side on the couch while she either watches TV or makes a monkey... which is kind of needlework...


There's so much intriguing detail to be found in this spread. I'd love a higher-resolution image to gawk at. I must know what the robot is saying to the hunchback!


Well, I can offer you THIS:

Mad Science Close-Up

Steve Lindstrom

While I think we can all agree that this is a pretty gnarly / tubular / radical / [insert 80's adjective here] sketch, I think that the part that made my night was all of the WASHA's coming from Mojo's brush.

Also, since your pooch has webbed feet, do you think that he may in fact be a penguin with floppy ears?


A marshmallow house is just begging for attention from arsonists with twigs.


Gomp is most definitely not the sound of any delicious house being eaten. Eating a house made of juicy watermelon or fresh peaches would sound more like schhhhhlurrrrrpeh click splp click plbstEating a house made of cinnamon ice cream would sound like schlup schlup schlup OW! Ice cream headache!


I wonder which part you drew first..

Mountain Gnome

WOW, This one is good! Wish I had a Marshmellow House. I would probably take a blow-torch to it before I ate parts of it, just for the crustiness!

Mountain Gnome

Oh yes and what is also cool is that everytime you look at this sketch, you see something new! Like the sock monkey in the Marshmellow House!


Steve - Oh no! That's not Mojo in the tub however... though, perhaps he's down in the water somewhere...

Anaglyph - Haha - NICE :D

Dave - You sound like a man who's eaten some houses in his time!

Ericzoo - I believe.... the first drawing was Ernie, in the lower left hand corner. Then those patterns... then Hugo Farthing and his Marshmellow House... then Watson and Holmes... then the rest.

Mountain Gnome - Ah, yes... chef Mojo...


This is ridiculous and awful.

I mean, not really, but you're getting so much well-deserved praise, and I know from experience that the Internet was designed to be a place for pointless, unconstructive criticism. Right?

I like your drawrings and the site layout and all that. Sigh. More kudos. You must be sick of that already. :)


My dachshund, Sparky, enjoyed swimming to a certain extent. If he thought someone was drowning in a pool, he would jump in and tag them with his nose signifying they had been rescued and he resume sitting in the shade.


You are simply genius. Haven't been commenting much as the other fellow fans & commentators here are so much wittier than I am; however, I must say thank you, as looking at your work has brightened many of my dull workdays. And your sound effects are the bestest of sound effects. Let hilarity ensue!




So, what exactly did the potato do to become dishonored. I mean, I didn't even know honor existed in the spud ranks.


Terry - I definitely appreciate your attempt to balance things out, Terry. Usually at the end of each day, I have to flame myself 12 or 13 times so everything's back to normal...

Catherine - I gotta tell ya... you summed up dachshunds in one neat little anecdote! I laughed pretty hard :D

Nary - Haha - well, glad to hear from you again, Nary :D

Jared - He probably grew eyes where he SHOULDN'T have grown eyes...

mr chips

'someone who is paid to stand and wait. A night watchmen, or a guy in a park who pretends to be a statue.'
What are those guys in the park pretending to be statues actually waiting for anyway?

Terry Tolleson

So glad to see another occurrence of “GOMP”!

Additionally, I love that you have so much typography on this page. The “Co.”, “Jalapeno Stuffed Olive Man” - and especially the Greek ornamental pattern (or fleuron as some might call it).

Brilliant work, BSR!

G Munny

in response to the question in the upper left as to which is a star and which is a starfish I would have to say that the second from the top seems to be most starfishlike as it appears to have eyes (possibly unintended.) It took me until my third viewing to notice the question at all.


I demand a high-res version!!!... Good sir.


I'm scared that I can't see Watson's hand.


I think like Emmet... when I first started stalking your page, it was when you had that crazy sketchbook with the animated page turnings and little captions for random things on each of the pages. That was when I gave up on playing internet and left it to more capable hands such as yours.

...I thought that bit said "which is a star. Which is starving." I thought "hmm, that's very philosophical". Then I read the commentary and realized I'm blind, apparently.


No... your not blind... you just don't have super-strong bird eyes...

come to think of it... neither do i...


"Instead, I'll just steal other people's in-progress sketchbooks, and finish them off."

This is actually a GENIUS idea. I have tons of old sketchbooks that I will never finish, but I am sure I would finish somebody else's. Perhaps we need to arrange a half finished sketchbook exchange program. Help those little guys get all the way finished, ya know for the children.


Actually - it's funny - one of my guilty pleasures used to be going into old sketchbooks and cleaning up drawings or fixing things that I didn't know how to fix years before. I don't do it now, mainly so I don't destroy old work (since it's full of errors, and thus full of lessons).


I sometimes feel like the Jalapeno stuffed olive man! Fokit!

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