Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Posters for Posterity

Posters for Posterity

Travel Made Safe and Easy

Planning a vacation this year? Well, cancel it — because there's no need to go see the sights when the sights can come to you! Visit historic Brindlehall, or Oakthorpe, or even the quaint town of Harmelle!

That's right! Using state-of-the-art technology, I've synthesized everything you'd experience on vacation into one 12.5" x 19" poster. Simply buy the poster, hang it up on your wall, and stare at it for one week, and you'll be on vacation without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Each poster costs $20.00 individually. But buy three vacations at once, and get $5 off each poster — that's a total savings of $15!


Bearskinrug Travel cannot be held responsible for any injury, theft, or lost luggage incurred from the selection of posters. Now... go check 'em out in the Bearskinrug Store.

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Daryl Cheng

Well, there goes my plans to Brindlehall wasted. You should give advanced warnings for these things, I spent SO long looking for this vacation.

This Brindlehall looks a lot nicer than the one in the brochure as well...


Well... all the brochure seemed to concentrate on was the Red Light District...


marvelously designed and very difficult to register! It will be the most fun vacation i've had in a tilted and mixed-up town.

The Colonel

And I wanted to see Europe this year, thanks a lot, Kev.


Awww... you don't want to go to Europe. A Colonel there is a completely different rank.

Cissy Strutt

Last time I was in Harmelle a stained-glass window fell on me.


Well... you should have insulted those masons, glaziers and other associate medieval tradesmen.


If you're afraid of flying, this is perfect!


I would gladly give my friend's right arm for these prints.......great job Kevin!


Jared - Actually... there is some flying involved. I hope everyone has a licensed Poster Pilot.

Carver - Thanks! And I WILL need that extra right arm.

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