Monday, February 05, 2007

The Traveler

The Traveler

An Unfortunate Record

Man — this guy's been everywhere! Illinois Mountain, Utah City, Kalamazoo Island, The Children's Kingdom of Annapolis...

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Ta Daa! Firrrrrrrrrrrst.

Uh, Hey Kev. Nice sketch. uhm, drawing.

Jamie Fehr

What witty code speak you've used. I laughed, I needed to laugh. Love your drawings.

s. zeilenga

That must be the shortest article ever? A sentence and a list. hmmmm...



What a worldly Jackass.


I smell a T-shirt in the making...

Zaihan K.

Hey Kev, who are you dedicating this sketch to? There must be an SUV /stationwagon driving huge, horny donkey that you really do not agree with. And isn't it a felony to *not* have a license plate?!

I'm loving those clouds. Sexy...


Yeah, he's been everywhere alright - except to the DMV to pick up his license plates.

Terry Tolleson

Is that what those stickers mean? That you've been there?

DD wishmore

This looks like something that I would do! Only I wouldn't choose to call myself a jackass, I'd put them on someone else's car... like maybe an ex-boyfriend who's a jerk, Thanks for the idea!


I'm with Drew - I WAN'T A TEE! NOW!


Zaihan K. - Donkeys can't drive a car! The only vehicular option a donkey has is another donkey.

Jared - Hahaha - NICE.

Terry - I thought so... man... this comic doesn't work if that's not the case...

Drew / Anders - Haha - wouldn't this have to be really big to be a t-shirt?

The Colonel

One thing it's missing: a "Support our Troops" magnet.


Awesome. That's all I have to say. Except for that sentence where I said that was all I had to say.

Captain Purple

I'm sure there is a perfectly good reason for driving a land yacht like that, although I can't think of any.

What I really want is an oval sticker with "STFU" on it. I don't care what you drive, but turn the darn cell phone off and pay attention to what you are doing!

[gets down from soap box, wipes spleen off and goes back to grumbling about the weather]

Daryl Cheng

This made me laugh... took me a while to figure it out though. It was strange wondering what all you guys were laughing about. Then it hit me, like... a SUV. Yeah. That works... hrm...

The people next to me are looking at me funny now for laughing so suddenly...


Kevin! You've drawn our family car! Well, not strictly true, but...

I've been on several holidays to the USA with my parents, brothers and sister. We would just hire a car at the airport, then take a tour, using Days Inn, Holiday Inn and Best Western as stepping stones.

Anyway, we did have a few hilarious days driving where we went totally out of our way in order to 'bag' some extra States. For example, we went from Louisiana to Georgia via the confluence of the Missisipi and Ohio Rivers, which even bagged us Illinois.


Haha - you've definitely seen more of United States than I have. But I bet I've seen more Best Westerns. That's where I buy my illegal fireworks.

I mean... my legal fireworks. And... uh... Best Easterns...

Steve Lindstrom

Well Mr. Cornell, you've done it again. You managed to keep me awake for the first 5 minutes of my first class, and even managed to keep me awake for the next 5 minutes because my professor threatened to kick me out of said class for exclaiming "HA!" (in regards to your drawing) right after he apparently said something important.

In any event, it looks like my graduation (or maybe just in-class sleep deprivation?) depends on your chicanery. To repay the favor I've taken the liberty to write you a poem:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
In Soviet Russia, Mojo draws you!


Hey - that's closer to the truth than you probably expected...

Captain Purple

Wouldn't a Soviet Era Mojo say "Ehski?"

Or maybe "Ehov?"

Cissy Strutt

In Soviet Russia Mojo say E, and join queue to get h


In Soviet Russia, Mojo isn't Mojo.
It's Mojev, Mojov, Mojevsky, or Mojolinevsky, at the best.

And it probably would say 'Da' or something in the likes.

I know, I've been a soviet sockmonkey on my early days.



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