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When I was a young boy of curly lock and apple cheek, I often dreamed what life would be like in 2007. Of course, children are given to unrealistic expectations about the near-distant future; robot maids, pneumatic tube-travel, ice-cream rain. I, however, expected the world of 2007 to be full of practical wonders. Things like... oh, owning a website where the work section has been updated with a some new gallery items and portfolio additions. Or a link section that has been updated with all the links that I may have posted elsewhere for the last month. Or what's more, coaxing people who have read some of my recent books to share a rating or review, here or here, if the mood should strike them (both Madam Lulu and I very much appreciate frank and honest feedback in these modern times).

Yes, 2007 seems to be full of breathtaking wonders. It makes 2006 pale in comparison, where the only advancement of note was finding out I can move objects with my mind.

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John Nick

What a perfect New Year's Resolution: SHAME THE ROBOTS!

BTW, is the floating coffee cup hairy or furry?

Have an AWESOME 2007 Mssr. Cornell!


I'll say it's both. Like how the top of a goat is hairy, but the bottom is furry.

Happy 2007 yourself, Master Pull!


I dream of having a website that holds my portfolio, and a nice web design job... It's going to happen eventually :D

I love your new gallery items! Silkscreening is a lot of fun. Do you do it yourself?

Have a happy 2007! Unless for some reason we become mortal enemies halfway through... should that be the case, I hope you have a horrible 2007.


Haha - that's a dream I shared at one point. Then I quit my nice web design job. Crud.

Nope - I have too many talented peers who I could pay to do the screening for me...

If we do become enemies, I hope we'll be the kind of enemies that can lay our differences aside and have tea together at the five o'clock hour. Then resume dueling.


i am dreaming of a robot parade marching down state street in chicago. i wish you all were here to see it. for some reason the smallest robots are playing the largest instruments. a robot in charge of a tuba is almost not there at all. he works at the zoo for a living, luckily the zoo is closed today and he doesn't have to do those horrible, horrible things.


Haha - I would LOVE to draw this parade!


here you go. my children wanted to share their robot parades with you. we'd love to see your interpretation.


now, be honest: is that the Steve Jobs of the future as you see him? 'cause those robots don't look nearly brow beaten enough.


happy gnu year, kev!


Best wishes for 2007, Kev!

I love the tracked coffee pot that goes "boop!". Somehow I fail to see any use for it, but maybe that's its charm.


4point44 - I gotta say - that's AWESOME. Lemme see if I can find a little room in the schedule for a quick interpretation ;)

Testmonkey - The Kevin Cornell of the Future looks like Steve Jobs? I can totally get a free ipod!

Dibyo - I don't gnow... Gno Gnu Year, Is a Good Gnu Year, says Gary Gnu-year...

Ten virtual dollars for whoever knows what that's a reference too ;)

Ronald - Well, what better way to get your coffee over rough terrain?


i loved the great space coaster. (but you can keep the virtual dollars, my imaginary wallet is too full already.)

Shane Guymon

Seeing as how you mastered the art of moving things with your mind, I was thinking taht perhaps you could let my boy Dawight from "The Office" know, becasue it seems I can recall a season ago, that he was giving it his best shot...



so you did some work for bagenstose eh? small world LMAO


'06 also brought us glowing links, did it not?


floating coffee cups is a good thing.

Jim Orr

In a future time Children will work together To build a giant cyborg Robot parade, robot parade Wave the flag that the robots made Robot parade, robot parade Robots obey what the children say

From Robot Parade by They Might Be Giants


Does a Robot marching band play that during the parade?


Ah! homage to Man Ray's Cup?

(I'd say more but you don't have a spell checker)


i really like the silkscreen prints... you keep adding stuff and it's becoming increasingly difficult to choose what i want to buy (i'd love to buy it all, but that would be difficult because it would A) be expensive and B) make me seem a little obsessive... but i'll choose something one of these days.
and i'm going to go write a review of the wippins campaign asap... i LOVE it


Haha - glad to hear!

The colors of the prints are going to change, now that I have the paper - they won't be as "monotone" - hopefully they'll still be pleasing!

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