Friday, November 17, 2006

Pogo Sins

Pogo Sins

An Ambidextrous Comic

Today is a unique day in Bearskinrug History. It counts the first time ever I've put up two posts in one day. After this morning's post, it occurred to me that the comic doesn't work as well without the one above preceding it. That's one of those problems I experience when I go back and read through old comics to see what I want to post; they're only in context for me.

So.. make sure you check out this morning's Ambidextrous for the wacky conclusion to this story! Or if you already read this morning's post, read this one again and pretend I'm using a clever, artsy storytelling- technique.

But most important... if you didn't catch this morning's shirt update on the pillowfight shirts, make sure you do! I'd hate to think I wrote my touching and heartfelt thank you for nothing!

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...and thus the origin of the anomatopoeia "KIOLP!" was Hell, all sounds are REVERSED!


Yeah... that's why when you play records backwards, they make you want to kill people.

The Colonel

Wow! It's like Pulp Fiction... only with comics!

Wait... *looks around confused*

Regardless, I learned a valuable lesson today: even thinking about double *boinging* is one of the world's greatest sins.


would a triple *boinging* (or the thinking about a a triple *boinging*) be like a double negative and cancel out the sinful nature of the act (or thought)?


Hmmm. Shouldn't the Devil's fork be going 'ekop ekop'?

Your Brother

Two posts in one day you must be exhausted. It is good to know I am not the only man that has impure pogo thoughts.

Jeremy Curry

The Gluttony!


Colonel - Hear, hear. And it puts some of our lesser sins, like murder, into perspective.

Testmonkey - Yes. It would. You should teach Sunday School!

Anaglyph - Naw... Because he's actually not poking our Ambidextrous friend... he's actually ekoping him.

My Brother - I am exhausted. But only because I have to keep pedaling to run the machine that writes my copy.

Jeremy - Makes you sick, doesn't it..?


Kev... you gotta lay off those garden-picked mushrooms for breakfast... they're evil!!!


I didn't find them in the garden.... the were growing out of this old tree stump in the Haunted Forest.

You make me sound SOOOO irresponsible....

DD wishmore

OH I get it. * blushing* you really ought to take into account some of us are innocent :)


I'm in a land which doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving (we have a whole buncha holidays anyhow).

Happy Thanksgiving. I love you. Ok, maybe only your website.

kevin's website

I love you too, Dibyo *takes off clothing, revealing erotic source code*.


Take off your bearskin rug too, PLEEEEEEEASE

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