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Canvas, Coal, Bees and Poles

At the outset of winter, I was asked to participate in an art show at Refinery, a Philadelphia-based ad agency. What more, I was given the splendid opportunity to create the art for the invitation. So I set to the task of creating a piece that captured the essence of the show's title, "Pollinarium" — with the result being the contraption and the lettering on the postcard-style invitation above.

What's more, the good folks at Refinery put together a website, and animated the illustration; so go take a gander for yourself. You could even download some Pollinarium wallpaper while you're there!

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Sir, hats off to you and your illustration mastery. I am particularly fond of the typography you used here as well, and the website that's up is first class. Top show, all around, and I won't even get to see the work.


Thanks, Jason!


Awesome awe-inspiring illustration, I always wondered how those were made, and naturally assumed it was on a machine very similar to this.

Is a pollinarium in any way related to polyorchid?


Oh sure... although the polyorchid has WAY more legitimacy.


it wasn't until i downloaded a wallpaper that I realized you HAID PAINTED those letters. why am I NOT surprised. I bet you sit there with a magnifying glass and paintbrush and write out your bills. "Oh be right there dear! I'm almost done painting the serifs on "Comcast" la la la!" Still, great work kevin.


...The movement... so soothing...


Wow, that turned out really damn good. I'm impressed.


This is wonderful! Congrats on the show and on the invitation!


Wow, very impressive. I love how whimsical and fun the details are.

Terry Tolleson

Your typography is without reproach. I dare say I should expect to see that font available. And soon.

Well done, Kevin. I suspect we will all be fortunate enough to say, “Ah, but I knew him when…”

Joshua Lane

Perhaps I shall attend this "art show" you speak of. I assume there will be free food?


In images with a whole lot going on I like to sit and stare at all the details. Like a Richard Scary in childhood. This one is defying me to be logical:
"Why is there a coal furnace?"
"How come that one guy is beating a sac with a hammer?"

Awesome work on the lettering and everything.

Nikki Noodle

I don't know why there is a coal furnace, but it looks like that one chap is about to put it out...
but its still totally SWEET! :)


Hey Kev, nice job on the illustration. Not too fond of the website though, the animation looks quite stupid and the website a bit dull.

I LOVE the painting work you did though, really nice. Did you upped the levels/contrast/hues for the watercolor in this one?


Wow, this is amazing :)

Kevin Fitz

i enjoy the subtle white glow around everything. the canvas-grid feel.. mmmm that's delicious


Wow Kevin. Wow. This is truely magnificent. No more type - go look some more now.


Bandelin - Haha - But there ARE no serifs on Comcast... so you haven't been paying your bills, eh?

Rachael - Thanks! Hopefully I'll sell some stuff too - it would be pretty nice to make some dough...

Terry Tolleson - Thank Terry! While I love to do type, it's actually quite frustrating to do a title like this, because try as I might I can't get the forms as tight as I'd like..

Josh - Hah, hah... sorry Josh... I got the impression this was an invite-only show. BUT who's to say you can't have your own show, in your posh Center City flat, complete with exotic nuts and bidets?

Ian, Nikki - Come on guys... how can you have bees without coal!!!? Answer me that! :)

Murten - The levels ARE different in the postcard, because the art went through about four different stages where the colors shift (original scan, layout on the postcard, printing the invite, scanning back in of the invite). I personally wish I had put a similar background into the image that went into the postcard, but then, if I did, I couldn't have given Refinery the silhouetted image they used for the card.

Rikki, Kevin, BigA - Thanks, guys and gal!


Interesting that you went from a prowler, instilling fear in Anaglyph to a "Pollenator 3000" that sparks fear in the rest of us!

I just found out a few days ago, that I'm very allergic to ragweed pollen. Here you are generating it.


And MY ragweed is three-hundred times deadlier than normal ragweed...

It was either this, or a weather-machine, for my thesis in my Evil Mastermind class.


Kick Ass illustration Kevin.


Why, Thank You Kelly ;)


wow, that's a real nice one right there!



Foreskinrug... you are a freakin' phenom!

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