Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Final Prowler

The Final Prowler

Out of the Curtains and into my Work Section

Well, The Prowler is finished. I can finally put the pillowcase back on my pillow, and let that creepy model go home. He's been in our living room for weeks.

There was a fair share of me changing my mind while I worked on this image. As you can see from the initial sketch, The Prowler appeared before curtains, an aspect that I actually wasn't planning to pursue in the watercolor, because I didn't want him to seem "onstage". So they were summarily omitted as I began the watercolor:

The Prowler, initial watercolor stage

However, once I posted the rough, Anaglyph mentioned how important the curtains were, since he imagined his imaginary prowler appearing through the curtains, or behind the windowpane. So back into the image they went!

The hardest decision came at the end, when I had arrived at an image that could theoretically be considered "final". But there was one problem. What initially had inspired me about Anaglyph's description was The Prowler's pillowcased head, with the arbitrarily knotted corners. But this image didn't seem to concentrate on that aspect anymore. The image had lost its focus:

The Prowler, near finished watercolor

The culprit, as you may have concluded yourself, was the hands. They were too detailed, and too high contrast. So while I loved the way they were rendered, they had to be sacrificed for the greater good. As it is said, you must "kill your darlings". Many, many sepia washes later, the image finally worked for me, and was ready to be retired to the pile of things I can never hang up in the house once I have children.

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Ether Inan

Quite good work, as always.


Thanks, Ether!




I love the detail on the crumpled pillowcase. And the paunch.

Last night I had a dream that the whole building where I work was being managed by a modified Sega Genesis, which I'd just sat on. My boss was making me glue the circuit boards back together. Do you want to draw that?


The Prowler is PERFECT!

I quake. I shake. But mostly I tip my hat to your immaculate realization.


Pierce - Well, I'll have to get reproduction rights from Sega... that shouldn't be too expensive... This is gonna be SWEET!

Anaglyph - Excellent! I'm glad I hit the mark!


Wow, you really went all the way on this creepy guy. I love it. Good judgement on the hands, too! Eeery.


Wow! I love the details. The fitted shape you got from the wrinkles in the coat, and the way the eye slits carry a little highlight and seem to naturally curl in the center, tons of depth in the eyes.


Outstanding Kevin! Funny you mention that hands because the two things I liked most at first glance were the hands and that jacket. Now that you've drawn it do think Kim would mind sewing up a version? I'd need one for me and another for Murray.

Terry Tolleson

The tension on the buttons is palpable. The atmosphere; harrowing.

Very well done, Kevin. As usual.

The Colonel

Although The Colonel is a man who knows no fear, he is at very least unsettled by this image.

You can almost hear this Prowler breathing raggedly from beneath that pillow case.

Nice work!


Wow, will the prowler be available for us to use as a mind tool for our children?

Hugh G.

Really great work Kevin! He is definately a creep bastard.

The way he's standing in front of those curtains (and the sepia obviously) kinda makes it look like an old photograph from the 1800's.

Or he's MC'ing the annual "Telethon for Terror"!


Creepy and stunning. LOVE this work, Kevin ... how big is the original? You should sell prints ... I'd buy one!!


Fantastically horrifying. The suit is a nice touch as well. I think part of the horror lies in the strange garb with so many buttons. This, along with the pillowcase, is quite a bit "off-putting."

Hugh G.

I know what I'm gonna dress my son up as for Halloween!


I'm not sure that this is what Biga had in mind, but hey - whaddya reckon: A Prowler soft toy! Think of how cute and cuddly that would be!


Well it's not what I had in mind ( as I really think that jacket would suit me) but now that you mention it - could be a great addition to next year's Spooky Sock Monkeys

Nikki Noodle

OMG! I love it! It's a shame about the wash over the hands, you really couldn't get those hands to look that aweosme unless you had sculpted them first... the hi-lights on the buttons... man. *sigh* totally stunned yet again


That's just awesome. Although, I'm not particularly scared of it.... hm....

Cissy Strutt

This is truly wonderful work. Beautiful, in a terrible way. The jacket sleeves are inspired.


With the hands dimmed down, it makes you wonder what he's going to be holding in them next.


I was hoping to see this this week. Top notch.

The white gloved version reminded me of a pianist or conductor.

Is there a name for that style of coat/clothing?

Captain Purple

Wonderful job! It is so extra super creepy that I haven't slept since Wednesday.

anne arkham

The dark hands are scarier than the lighter ones.


Greggie - The original is about 7.5" x 7.5". I'd love to do prints... I just have to get OTHER planned prints out of the way..

Nikki - Yeah... but at least I managed to scan the hands before I devolved them. I don't normally do that...

JoeFuel - Are you currently wearing a pillowcase? Maybe you're desensitized...

Chickie - My guess would be puppets of some sort. That's the natural direction this needs to go to escalate in terror.

Zombiefactory - I don't know what you'd call that kind of coat, but it does kind of remind me of a cassock.

Anne - Yeah! Especially since they could be some kind of claw... or maybe he hasn't washed them, or something equally scary...


Utterly unnerving... this is the stuff those really bad nightmere's are made of.... that's right... I am talking about pillowcases.



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