Monday, April 03, 2006

Pizza All Day

Pizza All Day

The Delicious Discus

If it were purely a matter of taste, and I ran no risk of my internal organs rupturing from dough expansion, I could definitely eat pizza without ceasing. In fact, I have attempted to eat pizza nonstop before — I think the most slices I ever ate was six... and it was a pretty large pizza, too. Probably 16" in diameter.

Hmmm. All this pizza talk means I may have to have some for lunch today — I haven't had it in a while, and Kim was bragging all last week about the free ones they had at her work. Yeah... Pizza for lunch! Who's with me!?

Update ( 11:45 AM )

I have indeed just gotten pizza for lunch; pepperoni, in fact. I had to look for the equivalent of what they're eating in the comic, which seems to be a New York Style pizza. And this one is every bit as droopy as the comic slices, though I can't seem to swallow the pieces whole without an actual triangle mouth...

A Further Update ( 1:00 PM )

Well... I ate 4 pieces... and burnt my mouth. I flew too close to the sun...

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Oh, I'm all up for lunch!

Eating pizza all day may be impossible but eating multiple pizzas is not. The most I've ever eaten is 2 pizzas and 3 slices (large from Domino's) with no regurgitation involved. Mmm. I felt disgusting but let me tell you, it's sooo worth it.


What?! You're gonna order Big Red without me?! :/


i'll be thinking of you next week when i'm eating pizza every day in italy...


I live in Manhattan, so delicious pizza is a staple of my diet. I completely agree; I would have absolutely no problem eating pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY DAY. If i pass someone on the street eating a slice, I MUST HAVE ONE. Fortunately there's a pizza place on almost every corner :)

Wan Zafran

I'm with you! I love pizza. Especially the ones with thick bread, the pan-type. Or at least that's what they call those kind of pizzas over here.


Edward - Wow... ONE sitting? That's incredible! Have you considering running for political office? You have MY vote...

Kim - Relax, honeybee... I'll get pizza from somewhere else, and we'll order Big Red tonight for dinner. And maybe for supper as well...

Wayne - Ooo! Think of me when you're wailing on gypsies, too!

Chris - Yeah, there's oak trees on every corner around here. I can have an acorn anytime I want.

Wan - I think we'd call it a deep-dish. Except in Chicago, where they'd just call it "pizza". And in Chicago they call our pizza "crap".


wow, this could totally be one of my comics - without the playful misunderstanding of course.


danke, that was one of the funniest punchlines i've seen in ages...

Terry Tolleson

In Austin, we have a pizza place called Saccone's. Having the dual role of a Jersey pizza in Texas, it has attitude and size. 18" Large. Who's yo' Papa now?

Anywho, I recall packing away my fair share of slices back in high-school. What the exact number was, escapes me. Certainly not over 36.

Also, excellent use of *GOMP* once again, Kevin.


I'm so glad I read this. I brought in some leftover pizza for lunch. I don't know if you have CiCi's up there in Philly. It's like $3.99 for all you can eat.


If you order one with sausage, green peppers, onions and feta cheese, consider me, in.

Side Note: You east coast folks should check this place out: There's a place on the Jersey shore called Pete and Elda's (Toms River, NJ?), and they have a contest that states: "If you eat an entire 16" pie you get a free t-shirt. I came with in 1 slice, after starving myself all day. They gave me a shirt out of pity. Most humiliating.

Joshua Lane

I guess this begs the question... WOULD you die if you ate pizza all day???

Rob Weychert

"Delicious Discus." Those will be the two funniest words I'll read all day.

Nikki Noodle

Poor Maniac McGee... allergic to pizza!! Jerry Spinelli-- you're crazy!


Speaking solely as a former pizza spinner for better than 6 years through high school and college I can say that if the pizza is proper and the cook on the up-and-up, then way WAY more than 6 slices can be eaten, Kevin. Need I drop the gauntlet?


You're just twisting the knife Kevin. I grew up on New York pizza and now I live in England where they don't have a clue as to what real pizza is. It's pure hell I tell you.


In the true spirit of lemmings, I had Pizza today for lunch. I managed to make it thru 1 1/2 slices as the first meal of the day.

I have concluded, had I continue, I'd surely die by 1:16 pm.

Gustaf Fjelstrom

Wait, you ate SIX slices of a 16' pizza?? 16 FEET?? Didn't know they made'em that big.

John Nick

As usual, as with all AMBIDEXTROUS comics, I weep with laughter. Office is now sopping.


kevin, you are ridiculous!


Mmmmm... acorns.


Two-hander slices...that's some big pizza.

Another regional vote, this one for Atlanta: Athens Pizza House. One of my four basic food groups as a kid (the other three being the Pepsi Group, the PBJ Group, and the Frozen Custard Group).


A guy I know found a rats tail in a Pizza he ordered take out.
There was nothing in the pamphlet about it's inclusion, he was miffed.

....ahem..Happy Eating!


Aaron - What does the t-shirt say?

Rob - That's not true... what about "poop deck"?

Greggie - I think ye may! So how many could you put down?

BigA - Well... on the bright side, you can have Blood Pudding ANYTIME you want..

Gustaf - ! Haha - good call - I always get my prime marks confused. The edit has been made!

John Nick - SCORE! *pumps fist in triumph*

Joesplanet - I've heard of that before!

Vulture - Just a tail? Sounds like the rat should be the angry one...


lunch at 11:45? what's next, dinner at 4:45? oh wait, that is when you eat.


Dare I say **grabbing lapels of my leisure suit in pure self-confidence personified** that I could EASILY put down at LEAST 6 and one half slices ... EASILY.

1. Hand tossed crust,
2. Meat sauce,
3. Muenster/Mozarella mix,
4. Pepperoni layer,
5. Italian sausage layer,
6. Sliced meatball layer,
7. Mozarella layer,
8. Bacon layer (the key ingredient),
9. Banana Peppers,
10. Sprinkle of oregano and basil,
11. Tomato slices,
12. One incantation to the dark lord of the pie.

I call it the "Stuff the oven, stop your heart motherfu**er" and it WILL kick your ass.


when i lived in Atlanta, there was a pizza guy from NYC who would have special "NY" water shipped so that he could make authentic "new york style" pizza. it was thin, droopy goodness.


It is funny that you were inspired by Kim having free pizza because I got free pizza at work today.
Great comic, Kevin!


Awe, man... Have you ever been so excited to eat something that you dove in when it was magma hot? And then, your tongue is burnt and sore and worst of all, you can't taste anything but firey pain?!


I sure do love pizza and after reading your article and watching your clip I ordered my two large pepporoni pizzas


I'm with you! Although, it's breakfast time here and... well... do they have Breakfast Pizza? Maybe with cornflakes?


ANAGLYPH ... don't you know that pizza in its "just-out-of-the-fridge" state IS in fact a breakfast item?? C'mon!! Hehehehehhehe ...

The Colonel

E'ryone's having pizza this week! Isn't that every week?

Late last night, I had 4 slices from a large cheese pizza and a breadstick.

Unfortunately, burning chest pains from the wad of greasy cheese clogging my left ventricle made me immediately regret my decision.


Kevin - The T-Shirts are basically custom illustrations of the owner and his wife. If I remember correctly, the illustrations change once every month or so. They're basically images of Pete and Elda doing various things, from surfing to making pies, to helping over-eaters hold their hair back while hunched over a toilet, pretty standard, really.

They remind me of those "Big-Johnson" shirts, only not about the funny business, but pizza pies.


Tonight, at least half of an 18" pizza will be in my stomach. I cannot wait.


I have to say that California Pizza Kitchen is some of the best pizza places I've been to eat. The BBQ chicken is very good.


Another vote for California Pizza Kitchen here, though strangely the best CPK pizza I had was in Singapore and the worst in San Francisco. Weird, eh?


FINALLY I stumble upon something I can relate to:P PIZZAAAAA! Yes! I have one strong belief about it. I think pizza is the universal social food. Taking the Ninja Turtles and Seinfeld as inspiration--you can put anything on a pizza--you can accomodate anyone from any nation with a pizza and make a social gathering of it. Whether you are a hand, fork, chopstick or whatever eater. And, I have been to Italy and tried some of their pizza...other tourists said the place I went to had good pizza. It was far worse than Little Caesar's...which is really sad to me. And the famous gellatos they have there are no better than Kopp's Custard--if you know these places, you know what I mean. ANyway, pizza...I may not eat it every day...but the possibilities are endless and it could possibly be a big help in establishing world peace:)


Pizza as a universal delivery device, for any ethnic food...

I could sure go for a taro and sweet potato pizza... New Guinean-style, you know?

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