Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Prowler in the Rough

Prowler in the Rough

Uh, Anaglyph... cover your eyes.

Back in the post about Monsters, a comment was left by Anaglyph about his childhood fear of prowlers — or more specifically, what his child's mind imagined a prowler to look like. I found this description to be quite motivating, especially the arbitrary fashion decision of knotted pillowcase corners. So here's the rough pencil of The Prowler, the first step towards the finished watercolor, which I hope to post in a couple of days.

Other Things of Note:

While we're on the subject of watercolors, I've posted a new one to my Work section, entitled Fish and Fishermonkey. This piece was actually commissioned by Mr. Tom Lehmann about a year ago; but it took me about a year (and 4 different attempts) before arriving at this final version. And after that, it took me about 12 attempts to get a scan that looked close enough to the original to post. The sad truth is, no watercolor ever scans accurately — even this one is still too much contrast for my taste.

Also, it's now been a couple of weeks since The Wippins Campaign became available, and I wanted to encourage anyone who's read it to leave a little feedback, as either a rating or review, on the Lulu site. Good or bad, I'd love to know how you felt about it!

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I want my mommy! Wow ... GREAT sketch, Kevin. Can't wait to see the watercolor!! Oof ... I'm the first post!! FIRST TIMER!!!!


In writing "I want my mommy!" I was trying to show you all how scared I was in seeing this for the first time ... uhhuhhhheheahuhhehhehe (**crying**)


"Fish and Fishermonkey" are VERY close to that idea I had for Mojo hunting down the great white whale!

The Colonel

Gone a couple of weeks, and here you've been cranking out the goods! Good show, chap!

Any plans to be selling that Fish and Fishermonkey as a print? I've been told that I'd sell my right foot for one.

Other than that, I rather enjoyed the Wippens Campaign. Quite good, I have to say.
Long live the Queen!


Greggie - Haha - yeah, that's what I FIGURED... :D
Colonel - Hmmm - I may do a small run of Fish and Fishermonkey... it really all depends if I can get a print that does the original justice...

John Nick

So gorgeously executed (no pun intended)!

That right hand (on the left as we look at the drawing) is especially amazing.

Enjoy your time on Earth, Kevin, because the Devil is surely drooling with anticipation for the soul you traded to get your impossibly excellent skills.

And if the Devil shows up wearing a pillowcase, it will surely be from the Martha Stewart Collection.

The Colonel

Looking forward to the possibility of that marvelous monkey gracing my walls in the near future!

The Colonel

(no fecal-flinging pun intended... seriously.)

Maarten (Murten)

Sweat illustration Kev! I also like fish and fishermonkey. Didn't this so called "Tom" asked where the hell his drawing was? You know, since it euh... took you a year... .

Captain Purple

MIldly disturbing, to say the least. WIll the final be in color? I aks because I can see the pillow case being yellowish (either from age or neglect, much like my teeth).


Anaglyph hasn't responded because he died of a heart attack when he saw it.

Good job, murderer.


Damn that is creepy but I'm thrilled that you've announced your , "paint your dream" service. Been waiting for a service just like this. Sort of a high-end court room artist for the unconscious. Let me know when the alaphabet makes it way round to my name because I've got a long list.


Unleashing Piglet's doppelganger. Wow. I have nothing else to contribute until I replenish my supply of ritalin.



+Sits in corner, quivering...+

Make the bad man go away mummy...


Hey K-to-the-evin!
I'd just like to say that im still loving it!
Keep up the good work!


I hope you understand that I'll be using this comment space from now on to try and inspire you to work on my visions.

Like, did I ever tell you about the time I met that robot? Ah yes, he was a robot. From another planet. That's right. He came here many centuries ago and used live peaceably with the Native Americans. He would sit around the fire with them at night, but he couldn't smoke the pipe.... or something....

Hmm.. This is harder than you would imagine.


Yet another ghoul from the twisted mind of Mr. C. Great pencil work, as usual.

I searched your site and couldn't find info on where you'd done your education. Or are you self-taught? I wants to know.


tell us all of your secrets, oh great one. do you utilise models? do you model period clothing and tapestries from old photos? what?

Am I the only one who remembers such a scene from "The Elephant Man" (minus the knots, I recall)?

Jason B

The pillowcase prowler is decidedly creepy. But the "Fish and Fishermonkey" piece is phenomenal. I especially love the detail of the sweater and the angle of the composition.

Damn you and your talent!


John Nick - Oh, I didn't trade my soul for drawing skills; I traded my 1989 Fleer set, with the Billy Ripken that has "Fuck Face" written on the knob.

Murten - Well, Tom was extremely hands-off when it came to the illustration. He knew the scene he wanted, but he wanted to make sure I was happy with the art. Thus, he was quite tolerant every time I restarted :D

Capt. Purple - The final will be similar in palette to Courting the Lampwright, actually...

Anaglyph - oh dear... sorry...

Anne, Hilmerr - Thanks, guys!

Pierce - This doesn't sound like a drawing... this sounds like a movie. I could play the robot!

Raymond - I actually went to Kutztown University, a state college out in Pennsylvania farm country. Quite a good litttle school to go to — not a huge art college, but an excellent place to learn the graphic design trade if you apply yourself...

And as for this being reminiscent of Elephant Man, I don't doubt it. I never saw the movie, but this sort of image is actually one of those themes that feels familiar to everyone, consciously or subconsciously. Be it Elephant Men, Hostage Situations, or Ku Klux Klansmen... it brings a lot of baggage with it.

Jason B. - Thanks! I was unsure about it, since I lived with it for so long. After a while, you can't tell if something is working or not anymore...


I once had a dream (recurring dream, actually) that I was being chased by inanimate objects, including a skateboard and a bag of Doritos. There were about twenty objects, but I don't remember the rest because those two were at the front (the line was organized with the shortest objects at the front and the bigger stuff in back). Eventually, I'd hide inside a parked car and watch as the line of objects marched by... then I'd wake up.

Now that was scary stuff.


Apropos The Elephant Man: That scene has an amount of pathos that entirely dampens any creep factor. In contrast Kevin has really drawn out the eeriness of my childhood spook - the pose, in particular, but also the 'appearing through the curtains', which I didn't even mention to him...


Uh oh. Buttons on the left-hand-side...The Prowler is a woman!

Captain Midnight

1989 Fleer Billy Ripken


or a man in a woman's overcoat. look at those man-hands!


thanks, captain, for the visual. fleer: such rebels in the card industry.

kutztown has a nice site. when are they going to feature you in the skybased alumni spotlight? I demand a recount!


Totally unrelated, but this made me think of you.


JCRogers - Doritos are awfully sharp...

Captain Midnight - Excellent scavenging, Cap'n...

Raymond - Haha - who knows? There's probably a line behind the rest of the KU'rs...

The Jones - Haha.... AWESOME. :D


Where the hell is my painting!?!?

I expect 99% royalties on all print sales, nothing less. Also, I'll be auctioning off "Fish and Fishermonkey" as soon as Kevin dies. Which by my watch should be shortly. DIE!

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