Tuesday, December 13, 2005



A Jolly, Happy, Jiggly Soul

Puberty is a difficult time for kids. They can't think straight. I mean, why make a Snow Woman, when you could create some kind of giant snow monster? Like an Iceosaurus, or a Snow-Bot? Something useful! What the hell is he gonna do with a — oh, I think I just got it... never mind.

Ha, ha — That's a good one!

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Biggest Apple

if God had wanted us to 'have relations' with Snow Women, he wouldn't have created apple pies.

Biggest Apple

P.S. - No that's not where I got my nickname from (I prefer cherry)


Yes... yes... I see...

*cross Biggest Apple off holiday party invite*

John Nick

Are the, um, bosom "dots" made of coal or licorice jujubees?


I dunno. Frostina seems to have a bun in the oven. Is that really what Tommy wants?

Terry Tolleson

hehehe… hehe… he…

You know, that shite gonna be cold. Clearly, Tommy is unaware of "shrinkage". Poor lad…

Anyway — this reminded me a lot of the old Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen scenes. I loved those!


Woah - Calvin and Hobbes never strayed into this kind of territory.


John Nick - Those are, of course, coal. You can't use DELICIOUS food to make a snowman... why do you think we use carrots?

Jared - What are you implying? Don't you think Tommy could be a responsible father?

Terry - Yeah - I think Bill Watterson explored every snowman joke ever. Except the dirty ones. That's all I have left...


He's going to have to be. Once spring rolls around, Frostina will be nothing more than a puddle and Tommy will become a single father. And with global warming and all...

Mmmm spring rolls.


By the looks of said bossom, 'tis cold outside ... hehehe ... hehehehe ... I can't believe nobody breached that subject!! Yes, Tommy, beware the shrinkage ... just ask Frank The Tank ...

(PS ... they look fake!)


I was never allowed to play with "Tommy" when I was a kid. "Tommy" always had fire-crackers, and sling-shots, and sharp things.


Tommy must be going for the whole Las Vegas Showgirl look with the top hat. She's in a funny position given his reasons for creating 'Frostina'. I think a rebuild might be in order, unless...oh I get it.


jared: seems like half of them would be snow, so only half of them would melt....which i suppose is how bo-pos come about.


Mmmm. Spring rolls.


That's exactly what I thought too. mmm.

That little girl is going to be in for a surprise in the next few seconds. eww.


those are the best snow globes i've ever seen...*rimshot*...tommy's sexy plan has an obvious flaw: frostina is clearly frigid...*rimshot*...mmm. spring rolls...


I don't know, I don't think I would have a paper bag at the ready if I were Tommy. She doesn't even have a nose for heaven's sake!


What exactly is her hair made of?


Aaron - Your better off. As Jared pointed out, Tommy was too busy being a father to have friends.

Paul - HAHAHA - Excellent call!

Wayne - Wow. Paying that cover to get in here was worth it!

Colin - Women don't NEED noses. They can breath through their uteruses.

David - I imagine that to be a wig. But Tommy could be such a fabulous sculptor that that's snow.


Fwosty seems to have been sculpted in a very particular position. Me-thinks Tommy might bi-curious in his winter wonderland.


Little Tommy is going to run into trouble when he realizes that snow is like a hundred cold showers all at once.

Captain Purple

What if Tommy "experimented" first with Frosty and has similar plans for the snow woman? Does that make him... bi-polar?

Heh, kind of changes the meaning of 'frost bite,' too.


if your tongue sticks to icy things, i ask, how will she ever stand up once the hat has done it's work? unless those dotted lines of a mouth plan to transform, tommy's given little though to the transformation. if that magic hat really works... he may want to think about slapping it on some fresh kill. hey, just a thought...


Hehehehehehe ... Cap ... hehehehehe ... tain ... hehehehehehe ... Pur ... hehehehehe ... ple ... that are too durned funny. Hehehehe ... *girly giggle* ... hehehehe ...

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