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Ambidextrous, Collection I.

Ambidextrous, Collection I.


Since I was a kid, I always wanted to make a book. There's something thrilling about them; all those ideas and pictures encapsulated in a fresh, rectangular sandwich of shared wisdom. I think that on a subconscious level, I could never feel quite like I achieved something worthwhile until I had an author credit to my name. So forgive the subhead of relieved exhalation — because I finally made a book.

Ambidextrous, Collection I.

That's right. After months of doodling dot eyes and torsos, I have published my first tome: a collection of Ambidextrous Comics. For those of you who need a reminder, Ambidextrous comics feature these two gentleman:

Ambidextrous Example 1

Engaging in some sort of conversation:

Ambidextrous Example 2

Usually resulting in some kind of hilarious circumstance:

Ambidextrous Example 3

Or, sometimes not:

Ambidextrous Example 4

Go forth, and spread your wallet

So now that you know it exists, there's nothing to stop you from getting your own personal copy. With the exception of two or three comics that I thought the regular Bearskinrug visitor would enjoy owning, all of the material is new and previously unread by you (unless you're me). You can stop by the Bearskinrug Store for a bit more information on the book (as well as links to other Ambidextrous comics on Bearskinrug), or you can go directly to, where the book is currently being produced and sold. And if you do get a copy, feel free to stop back here and let me know what you think. Now... away with you!

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Rob Weychert

Having had the opportunity to proof test prints of this book, believe me when I tell you, the book-buying public, that Ambidextrous, Collection I will make a fine addition to your bookshelf.


Thanks Rob!

*removes gags from Mr. & Mrs. Weychert's mouths*

Biggest Apple

The whirring sound you hear are the LuLu presses running off my copy. I've even opted for Express delivery as I need something good to read on my upcoming transatlantic flight. I'll have Ambidextrous Comics in one hand, the Complete Peanuts 1950-54 in the other hand and a drink in the other....erm, between my toes.


What!? I'll be in direct competition with Peanuts! *cower*...

How about you take that "The Complete Ziggy" with you instead...?



hey now, I'm buying one of these. kev,if I like it you'll be moving up from a level 4 friend to a level 3 :)

if anybody else reading this wants to buy my friendship, that's also 11.99 per level.


Congrats! This is really excellent, Kevin. Great idea and great work!


Jeff - Sweet! Level 3... that's "Back Massages" and "Sharing an Ice Cream Cone", right?

Rachael - Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how the book turned out... And now I can get started on OTHER books...


Whew..... need to get my "hands on" this. :D


this is the best monday ever! except that one monday i found ice cream.


awesome, finally. i can't wait to see what objects are discovered by one of them in their little frame-house.


Purchased. And if I don't like it I just ordered some pricey firestarting material...

I'm sure I'll like it though.


Jolo - "both" hands?

Sutter - This book contains no objects. Or words. You're going to be disappointed.

Paul - Wow! You found ICE CREAM!? It truly was a day to remember....

Bryan - I specifically ordered the kerosene-derived covers for extra-flammability!


painstakingly both. heheh.... ;D

John Nick

Screaming with joy.

Wallet open.

Clearly, the terrorists have NOT won.

Congrats Kevin!!!


Woo-hoo! I bought one. The Standing Count one is an all-time favourite!!


Err... sorry Donna... "The Standing Score" actually isn't in this collection... it had far too many panels...


Sweet. I just put in my order. It should be worth mentioning that it doesn't default to the cheapest shipping option. I whittled it down from $9.95 (!) to about two bucks when I used USPS.


And they ship to Canada. Whee hee!


Trenton - Sweet! Good call! How long is the wait?

Stinn - Is that odd? I would hope they'd ship to Canada!


Odd? I dunno - for some reason I always cross my fingers..

It's surprising what doesn't make it up here sometimes. Like the 'Fresh Bees in a Can' I ordered from Honey-R-Us. It never arrived. I hate to think where those bees got to...


This book will br promptly added to the official Food Network Bathroom Reading library.

How did you find


Stinn - Oh no... They could be ANYWHERE... stinging!

Pants - Hoorah! That's actually my key market area - bathroom stalls.

I looked around for a couple on-demand publishers for a while - Lulu seemed to be the highest quality. Except for Pants Press, of course....


Oooh...I just looOOOoove those guys. One's always so smart and confident and the other's always just confused -- what a perfectly hilarious pair. I just placed an order for my copy, Kevin! Congrats on your first book! I can hardly wait -- I think I'll go sit by my mailbox right now!


Thanks Nary!

Charles G.

I've got a new favorite word: Tomfoolery. I thought it only appropriate to share this information with the Bearskinrug.

I'm currently very poor and am contemplating the purchase of your new book, If it perhaps contains somehwhere in its prose the proper use of the word "tomfoolery" I may just have to buy it.


Shipped out today. Doesn't say how long the wait is. I imagine I'll have it in by next Friday, but I'll let you know.


I want one!!
getting one!!
wondering how long it takes to get to canada....


ooooohhhh...just ordered it. I can't wait. I love the monkey guy and all the sock puppetry tomfoolery... wait. What did I just do?

Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment. Proud to own it... assuming this person "lulu" sends it the book to me. I've never trusted people who spell their name twice in a row... Goodnite, RobRob.


Charles G. - I can't guarantee it contains the word "tomfoolery"... but it does contain all the necessary letters one would use to spell tomfoolery...

Rob - Lulu isn't a PERSON, silly... It's a magical book-making robot that shoots rainbows from it's eyes.


Constipation, look out!

Seriously though, looks great!


Keep on fighting the good fight, Merritt!


'There's something thrilling about them; all those ideas and pictures encapsulated in a fresh, rectangular sandwich of shared wisdom.'

You're by far the best person to me ever so far to formulate this, to me very familiar, feeling in a single sentence.


Thanks Tony!

the niff

hey kev,
look, i am finally here, and i am saying contrats to you! I know it will make many people pee themselves.


Just got mine in today at lunch. That puts it right at five business days (or a week) for shipping with USPS.

It's great, though, the quality of it. The little guys keep me entertained at work.


Awesome! Glad to hear it... :)

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