Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Forgotten Foot

Forgotten Foot

A (mini) Ambidextrous Comic

It's important that you all remember — I'm NOT a medical doctor. The information I give on this site is not always as up-to-date as I'd like. Feet are a usually quite dirty, and if your foot does fall off, make sure you're wearing rubber gloves before you lick the foot.

Oh! On your tongue — your tongue. It wouldn't do any good on your hands, silly! Well.. actually it couldn't hurt...

You know what? Wear one on the foot, too.

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you could perhaps let one of these replace your tongue first...


Oh my god...
That just gave me the super creepies...

I better post that as a link.


Holy crapbags that bug is creepy. I was wondering why I was lisping alright. I thought it was these new braces.

"But don't be too freaked out - scientists say the creature does not pose any threat to humans and only attaches itself to fish tongues. "
.... they would say that though, wouldn't they.

Should I talk about the cartoon at all, or will that do?

Biggest Apple

There was an odd news story a while back about an old woman living in Hungary who's talent involved licking people's eyeballs clean. If someone got something stuck in their eye they'd visit her and she'd go to work. One of the most disturbing things I've ever seen (aside from that bug).


That's a pretty hard choice - have a tongue bug, or an eyeball licked?

I think I'd go with the eyeball, since it's not a permanent thing. But GOD I hope I never come to THAT cross-road...

Charles G

I'm trying to eat breakfast here.

Keyword: trying


sorry guys, didn't mean to offend anyone (nor reacquaint anyone with their breakfast) ...it IS night time down here :P


I was thinking . . . wouldn't something from his nose make a better adhesive? It could be that these guys don't have noses though.


The best part is the hands-on-hips in the first frame. Fully portrays that this is a common annoyance for this guy.

Wish something funny like that happened to me on a regular basis.


I hope he knows where that foot has been.....
His Mom will be mad, as she has told him a hundred times - Don't lick things that have been on the ground longer than 10 seconds.


Charles - You shouldn't be eating at your computer anyways... your keyboard must be filthy!

Juna - That's true. They don't have noses. Yet... they can smell things. It's those kinds of inconsistencies that kept these comics off-broadway.

Bryan - Well, crying about it won't make it so! You need to get a detachable foot!

Stinn - My mom told me the EXACT opposite. And here I am, 1271 hospital visits later, writing about it!


I thought these guys didn't have a lower half to their bodies… They must not be used to having "feet".


So, you had to wait 10 seconds after your 'Vanilla Mint ChocoChip Surprise' ice cream fell on the sidewalk, and then you were allowed to lick it? It's all making sense now...


Lick it good. My Stomach aches...
From Speak Up Word It > Times


" "I have not seen this species in all my 13 years at the museum so it's a remarkable find."

But don't be too freaked out - scientists say the creature does not pose any threat to humans"

Disturbing! If they have never seen it, how do they know it poses no threat?


"Nice" idea. Losing his foot. I got a story about a father of a friend of mine and a guy walking down a mountain drunk. As he reached the village after hours, he recognized, that it was winter and he forgot to wear shoes. You can imagine the rest... Brrr.


Well, at least he was already AT the village. AND he had a funny story to share with the people at the hospital!

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