Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rob Weychert

Rob Weychert

A Red-Headed Worldview

Good friend and frequent advisor Rob Weychert has successfully launched his new site. An eloquent writer, smart and logical designer, and outspoken Art and Music enthusiast, Rob is well-equipped to provide some excellent reading.

What's in Store?

Well, plenty. Besides a regular Editorial section, there's the Daily Haiku, a list of links biased to Rob's interests, and most rewarding for someone like me (i.e. - living in a fantasy world where Sockmonkeys actually contribute to society), an advice column by Rob's brutish and surly Sockmonkey companion - The Monkey.

Work, Work, Work

Also, make sure you check out Rob's Portfolio section. Myself being obsessed with composition and honest design, I've always admired Rob's layouts. Every piece is there for a reason; every element must be balanced. And in case you didn't know, Rob is the one responsible for Virtual Stan.

A Pat on the Back

So congratulations on the launch, and nice work, Rob. And here's hoping The Monkey will give some advice on the proper equipment for putting out a grease fire. Soon. *gulp*.

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At this point in the game, how can anybody *not* know about Virtual Stan?


C'mon Zorthron! :D


I've always wanted to do something with the word of the day...damn! :c


Well Anders - You can always add your own to Rob's collection...


no, I just thought I'd do something else with it, now I can't anymore :(


Talk about every piece being there for a reason...ROb even eats things in a completely organized and orderly fashion.


ian's right. rob eats AWESOME.


You may be right. I'll check the footage I have of Rob putting things in his mouth.


Let's not forget that Word of the Day, started with ME! =)
but we draw them...or Matt does, cuz I just can't compete.


Speaking of Rob eating things weird..I think kevin needs to draw Rob making a pb&j. I made my sandwich and ate it, and washed my dish, ALL before rob even put the bread together!

Rob Weychert

Aw, dude, Niff, don’t get me started on your weak PB&J skills…

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