Thursday, March 24, 2005

Say Hi To Poochie

Say Hi To Poochie

Every Man's Best Friend

Now, when I'm walking down the street, and I see a dog, I usually smile and try and pet him a little. Or I'll at least say hello, in a high-pitched voice. And I realized one time not too long ago, that I never actually acknowledge the owner.

So, this joke drew itself. Well, that's a lie. I actually STILL had to draw it. Lazy joke.

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John Nick

The unspoken message when petting dogs is, "Hey, what I'm doing to your dog is what I'd like to be doing to you."

Or maybe not, according to this strip.

Hey, I love this comic. Brilliant.

If you would only start making comics that were half as brilliant about ennui and sex among socialites you'd have the New Yorker beating down your door, Kevin!


dogs have at least twice as much personality as most owners...


JN - They're already beating down my door. I haven't paid my subscription in months.


The dog totally seems to be in on it. As if he's saying, "Hmph. Maybe your mouth should be as clean as a dog's."


I actually won't touch anything with a dirtier mouth than me...

Ian Corey

Really, Kevin? I remember a time when you were getting all siked up about poking a dead kid.


Oh man...he poked a dead kid.
You guys are sick. SICK, i say.

*nods head in utter dispair*



I didn't poke him. I mean... me...


Kevin poking a dead kid....i would sell my right arm to see that....or for 10.000$


Hi, Mojo! Who's a good monkey? hmm? Monkey monkey monkey... oh you're so cute. Yes you are.


Well, you wrote the script, so you practically did it yourself. SICK!

Jack, i'll give you 5 bucks for the right arm. I need one for laundry and dishes. And for giving my boyfreind a good slap in the head sometimes (preventing him from poking dead kids).


Hi Ducky! Hi! Ducky? DUCKY?!!!

Stephen Schumacher

After greeting the dog with a well deserved scratch on the head I usually end up giving the owner a vigorous dry humping of the leg.


...And then you give the police your bail money and the whole process repeats itself!


Whoa, Schumacher! Whoa, boy!


I'm clueless regarding all the poking of dead kids, but I count the "freebie corpse" toon among my favorites. (Something like, "Fred didn't really NEED a corpse, but free was free").


Yeah - I like that one too :)


for Jessie: well that sure beats what i got on e-bay. want me to send it by post or shall we meet on a dark alley and make the exchange?


Jack: Lets go for the dark alley :)

I'm the one with 14 arms sewed to my chest.


...and the homemade shirt.


Great!!! finaly somebody able to realise the true value of home-made artifacts like the 23-ears necklace and the shoestrings out of nose hair :)

now about the dark alley...i would really like my arm to be cut of in a decent dark alley,none of those modern graffity ones...just a decent, stinky alley...maybe a dead beggar or something to contribute to the atmosphere but that's all...simple...


Maybe we can borrow the dead kid from Kevin?

Bring the camera and we'll make a day of it ;)


No deal. That's my dead kid - I need him to prop the door open in the summer heat.


Ok, some crackjunkies will do just fine then.
Jack: Don't bring the camera.


i have a camera? " total blank face"
I have a camera?! " dreams come true"
I HAVE A CAMERA!!!......actually i don't...."sniff"

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