Monday, March 14, 2005

A Pop-Up Adventure

A Pop-Up Adventure

Not your Grandmother's Harlequinade

Now, when I was a kid, I was a sucker for any book that let you interact beyond eye movement. Any book that allowed you to pull things, or lift things, or where things came at you was top-notch reading. Those kinds of standards fall to the wayside as you get older, and those urges remain dormant until you become a teenager and start dating.

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Dear God, you are brilliant!
*laughes like my dad*


It's nice to see you using pencil.


Yeah - I realized the other day I hadn't posted anything in pencil, which is funny because every drawing on here is in pencil at some point. I've been practicing pen and ink so much lately, I rarely left anything in pencil form...


Today's lesson in speaking Kev:

practicing - perfecting immediately

M.E. Kuhr

I'm reading this post and listening to "the dirty projectors." A wonderful mix.


i just love the eyes...

John Nick

As a child I had a Pinocchio pop-up book that was JUST LIKE THIS.

It never split my skull open (the neighbor's Great Dane did that) but it DID make me think I had psychic powers.

I would close my eyes tightly and inch the page with Pinocchio's distended nose slowly toward the bridge of my own.

Without looking I could innately deduce when it had reached a proximity of mere millimeters from the spot between my eyes.

Later I realized it was just early-onset unibrow.


At least it wasn't "The History of Sex."


John - So, how did the Great Dane split your skull?

JR - hee hee :)


Dear god! The knife book has severed his left foot...

Damn you're talented... stoopid good drawer...


Tis truly a funny, funny thing. Long live humour based on pop-up books.


that kid should be more worried about the ecstatic pirate whos about to happily chop him up.


Well - at this point - he probably is beyond worrying about things.


Oh the headache of it all. It looks as I feel this morning. Thanks for the smile!

John Nick

Re: Great Dane skull-splitting: it was a farm, and there was this huge cast iron hook hanging on the side of the barn.

(The hook, when operational, was controlled by ropes and pulleys to haul loads of hay.)

The Great Dane jumped up on me and sent me careening backwards, head-first, into the hook.

It actually didn't hurt at all -- but I freaked out once the blood started gushing everywhere.

I was five. Still have the scar.

But more importantly, in a similar situation, WHAT WOULD MOJO DO?


Noran - I'm glad I could help :)

John - That sounds... brutal. I'll steer clear of 'iron hook' posts in the future to minimize your trauma :)

The Jones

The page load gave an immediate burst of laughter... Like a great one liner!


Sweet! Thanks, Jim!

Stephen Schumacher

I had a pop-up Bible.


The one where you pull the tab, and the lions go from attacking Daniel, to hugging him?

John Nick

Given the choice, I'd rather have a pop-up Old Testament than a pop-up New Testament.

Hmm, but the pop-up Book of Revelations would probably be awesome.

Has anyone done that with the Albrecht Durer woodcuts? That would kick ASS!


this pop-up thing is adapted pretty well in lionhead's website for their fable-game: ...


can someone explain the hair (or rather the bald)?


Oh that. Well - I just tend to draw people bald a lot. I don't like to waste all that extra time on unnecessary things, like hair.


There's a joke in there about the ultimate paper-cut. Or something

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