Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tales of Eggs and Morals

Tales of Eggs and Morals

Our story continues...

I mentioned in the previous post, that I would tell more about the "most interesting conversation I've ever eavesdropped upon". Now, if you remember the setup, Pete and I were sitting outside in town.

These two young ladies were sitting at the table next to me having a discussion. Now, it being outdoor seating, the tables were so close together I didn't even have to try and eavesdrop. Which makes the fact that they continued unabashedly with their conversation baffling for a prude like myself. For you see, they were speculating on their wacky sexual adventures, like two horny Lewis & Clarks. I won't go into lurid detail, but I will say the most interesting part of the conversation was when the two girls were tossing back and forth the reasons why a foursome wouldn't work out between them and their boyfriends. And they weren't talking about golf, either.

So...Why are you telling me this?

here's the part that justifies me telling this on my *cough* professional website. The entire time, so as not to appear that I'm listening, I had my head down, drawing in my sketchbook. And one of the things I drew was a few eggs, as you can see above. Now, I'll often be sitting with someone, and I will want to say something but I don't want to say it out loud. So I'll just write it in my sketchbook and point it out to my companion. Now, in this case, I nudged Pete, and began writing what I was thinking...

"I feel like I've walked into a Penthouse Forum"

He laughed, and then we both looked at the comment in the context of the eggs drawing, and realized I unwittingly made a successful cartoon! How's that for serendipity? It's never happened since, I'll tell you that.

And within minutes...

Now, not too soon after, the funniest (and scariest) thing of all happened, when an SUV pulls up to the place and one of the girls gets in. Who was it? Her boyfriend? Maybe Hugh Hefner? Or the Denver Broncos?

It was her mom. Which I infer to mean, this young lady isn't quite old enough to live on her own. Or maybe even drive.


When I have kids, they're not going to leave the house until they're 30.

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John Nick

I have Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson on line one -- they're interested in this "two horny Lewis and Clarks" idea.

Jason Santa Maria

I guess I'll just have to come over to your house to date you daughters. "Hey Pops! Is MacGyver on?"


Hah hah! You're probably not far from the truth, Nick!


Pete has a pretty sweet rendering from this situation, don't you Pete?


Hah hah! Oh yeah - he does!

Pete, if you'd like, you can do the next post on here...


she probably got into the car with that crazed guy who was drinking a bottle of scotch on the way to AA


Hah hah - there's yet ANOTHER post.

While drawing in the same place a different time, a gentleman approached Pete, Matt, and I and another weird interaction ensued...

M.E. Kuhr

I like how it ties together...and I do want to see this other cartoon/rendering from this situation...well...maybe she was pregnant and the doctor advised to talk about sex unabashed and not drive her SUV?


Now, kev, i know you are a shorter guy...so is the size of your egg so much bigger because you knew the girls where so young? or where you actually sitting next to a bunch of "Little People?"

At any rate, that is a really cool story...is that what it's like sitting near Liz and I?


Well - the one eggs is bigger because it's in the foreground...

Are you saying you and Liz because of your loud talking? Or your general topics of discussion?

You guys usually get picked up by that smelly van, anyways. :)


well, the loud talking is another subject. i meant us talking about boobs...oh and liz talking about a dream where she gave a "sticky, bad bj." oh man! you should have seen the look on the old mans face who overheard that one.

The Old Man Who Overheard That One

That was you? I actually drew a picture of 5 carrots at a roman bath house as I pretended to not listen to your personal red shoe diaries, Niff.


this is neither witty nor clever, but you sound like two old curmudgeons...

and secondly, your daughters are gonna be bangin big golfer dudes no matter what you do. sorry!


Well - at least SOME of the foursomes will be golf-related...


You know somehow i can understand the girls.It's just like when you have nothing to say but you want to say something to be noticed so you invent something shity like this post about some wild idea that just crosed through my mind.

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